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Find your celestial identity with me!

 My name is Linda Johnston.

I am a certified Astrologer & Tarot Reader & user of Crystal Divination.


I practice the 16th century Nostradamus method of Astrology.

           I have been a practicing esoteric, alchemist, and pagan/witch (strega) for a large majority of my life, and thus have been a member of several covens throughout the years.

         I reside in Northern Arizona with my family, and beloved pets. My hobbies include a wide range of things, such as: Paranormal Investigating, Radio DJing, swimming, concerts, shows, and cooking & crafting. Aside from that, I have an A.A degree in medical science, have published two books, and am a retired para-educator.

     As for Astrology, my specialties include giving my clients a well-rounded, precise, and unique reading as well as crystal healing, candle magic, tarot readings, and divination.

Parallel Lines





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