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A Mercury retrograde and a lunar eclipse ..oh my!

We have some intense energy heading our way.We start things of with a Super Nova (Mercury Retrograde) in Leo on July 26, 2018. Now is the time to reflect, take a step back and clean up rather then pursue anything new at this time. With the retro in Leo its time to not be so egotistical but rather observe what one can do better the next time.

On July 27 ,2018 we have a Full Moon in Aquarius @ 4:20 P.M. EDT and a Lunar eclipse too. Throw in a Uranic phase from July 26 - 31 and the universal energy in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus and we have a recipe for disaster to strike.There is a very tense line up here between the Moon, Sun and Earth. Earthquakes, volcano's, sever weather,natures sudden release of energy,earth changes, aeronautical accidents, UFO, E.T.s, and all sorts of things are going to happen. This may very well be the BIG ONE for California......God I hope I'm wrong since I live here. The Ring of Fire will be active.We will hear about shocking news,the bizarre and unexplained will make headlines. Do not fly after the Full Moon and be prepared for the worst. Something major is about to strike and change this world forever.

On a more positive note: there will be a Pluto -Venus trine during the eclipse making things a little more passionate when it comes to love and money. Wishing everyone a very safe week ahead.I wish I had better news for everyone but I'm just a messenger of the God's and I wouldn't be true to myself or my readers if I didn't post the truth. If you do live in earthquake zones, please stock up on food,water,batteries etc. Blessed be! )O(

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