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April 2022 Energy Forecast

April 2022 Energy Forecast

April 1st- New Moon in Aries @2:24 a.m. EDT - Time to take action!

April 5th - Venus enters Pisces – It’s all about unconditional love and lucid dreams.

April 8th- Jupiter sextiles True Node – Investments improve with the Lord of Luck in harmony with Dragons Head in Taurus (money and Finances).

April 9th - 1stQuarter Moon

April 10th- Mercury enters Taurus - The world of money, security, and self –esteem takes focus.

April 12th- Jupiter conjuncts Neptune - With Jupiter in Pisces, and Neptune in its governing sign, this indicates imagination, music, philosophy, and religion. We have extreme sensitivities now.

April 14th- Mars enters Pisces - Artistic and spiritual endeavors are favored.

April 16th - Full Moon in Libra - relationship and justice issues take hold.

April 19th - Sun enters Taurus - Happy Birthday Taurus!

April 23rd - Last Quarter Moon

April 27- 29 - Dark Moon Phase

April 29th - Mercury enters Gemini - Lots of communicating, and nonstop chatter.

April 29th - Pluto turns Retrograde - The stars demand de-clutter and ridding ourselves of bad habits, and stepping into the darker matter of things.

April 30 - New Moon/partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus – Money won’t improve just yet but it will set the foundations for what’s to come once the Lunar Eclipse happens on Nov.8, 2022. (2nd New Moon in one month is called a Black Moon)

What is a Black Moon?

A Blue Moon occurs when there are two Full Moons in one lunar month. A Blood Moon is when the Earths Moon is in a total lunar eclipse. Black Moons are almost never discussed by most Astronomers, as they do not even recognize or acknowledge a Black Moon as it isn’t an astronomical term. Black Moons are rare, occurring about every 32 months.

During the new Moon phase, the Moon is not illuminated by the Sun and seems to disappear from the night sky. A new Moon is practically invisible to the naked eye, so there’s nothing to see during a so-called Black Moon but to those of us who work well under this energy, we know its hidden power.

There is deep spiritual significance to “Black Moon” energy. In an astrology chart, Black Moon Lilith represents the shadow side of ones self, and the person's primitive impulses and behavior in their rawest form. It reveals our repressed sexuality and deep sexual thoughts, and together with what makes us feel most vulnerable; it expresses the dark side of one's personality, buried deep in the subconscious mind and realms of our psyche. This is also called The Lilith Moon.

This April 30th New Moon will be perfect for taping into our shadow self with shadow work, deep contemplation, meditation and protection spells. This is also Walpurgis Night and the eve of May Day by witches. The energy will be all that more intense and powerful. Sex spells, baneful magick and fertility spells all work well under the Lilith Moon energy. Happy Magick making!

April will be a month filled with ups and down, highs and lows. It is the month of action, finding your purpose and putting those plans into a reality. Inflation will continue to soar but there should be some relief after April 30, 2022. Have a blessed month ahead, and be safe.

Astro - Strega

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