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Aries New Moon March 24,2020

New in Aries on March 24,2020 @ 5:28 EDT. New Moons are usually positive in nature and they can be, on a personal level but on the global aspect, this is volatile energy. Aries is aggressive,charge ahead,and action oriented. Mars is about war,violence, and oppression. Things will get worse before they get better. This energy will give us courage and strength.

We will see fires, aggression, violence,wars, explosive news, and mass destruction of all sorts take place on the planet. Humans are fighteneed, and scared and the psyche is very fragile right now. We are in very interesting times and we must stay vigilant,healthy and mentally strong (DON'T FEED FEAR). Not easy to do but we must try. Our great hope is Saturn,ruler of structure and discipline moving into Aquarius(technology,New Age matters) as of March 21,2020. This opens the door to major expansion and progress in the world of technology and communication via internet..With the Dragon head moving into Gemini(communication,transportation and media) on May 5,2020 much progress can be made and changes are ahead.

The positive side of an Aries New Moon is to focus on what can be achieved. Putting plans into action and starting new projects,Even if people are quarantined, we can still reach out with the beauty of the internet,social media, and modern technology. Get that internet biz up and running, start a blog, sometimes the best ideas come from the most difficult of times. Much progress can be achieved within the next two weeks. Its all about launching something that brings you success. This is also the best time to purchase firearms, ammunition,knives,swords,claymores, smoke alarms, and anything war related or connected to fire.

People born with a Moon in Aries will be very impatient, aggressive and competitive. This is a masculine fire sign and does create issues with the mother figure in someways. The key to this placement will be discipline,diplomacy, and patience.

Magickal Folk: Aries Moons are all about taking charge, new endeavours and progress. Spell work in matters of leadership, authority, willpower,and rebirths are all blessed. Ritual work for ailments of head,face,and brain are all favored under these stars. The purchase of athame (rules fire) are best purchased at this time too. Blessed New Moon to all!

Forecast by house and sign for next two weeks:

Aries: Well Aries,this is your Moon. It is time to make progressive changes. New starts,new beginnings and fresh ideas will inspire you.

Taurus: Your subconscious will be active. Remain positive and let go of the past, listen to your dreams and those secrets that may pop up along the way.

Gemini: New social networks will spark your interest as a way of mingling and meeting new people these days. A dear friend might make a wish come true. Stay social!

Cancer: Positive news with career and accomplishments.Progressive change is ahead in this area. Use these next to weeks to forge forward.

Leo: Leos will need to keep it positive and not feed into fear. Foreign affairs might make you depressed so turn off the T.V. This is the perfect time to take up an new internet study or classes on line.

Virgo: Joint money and partnerships in finances and how you both make money will be on the agenda. Investments made now will benefit later and so will signing any contracts.

Libra: New business deals,contracts and partnerships are ahead. New domestic partnerships are on the horizon if single. Married, your partnership will grow and flourish.

Scorpio: In these stressful times,it is important to think positive so your health stays in check. New job opportunities are on the way.

Sagittarius: Cupids bow may strike, as love is in the air. A new romance will bring you joy, and so will spending time with the children.Get those creative ideas flowing.

Capricorn: Change on the home front. Restructure or moving,buying,selling or redecorating. With Aries in the home,check those smoke alarms and watch for fire.

Aquarius: Happy news is ahead via email,mail, or phone. Communication will be great and your brothers and sisters will want to talk to you. Your phone bill may get expensive.

Pisces: Positive changes in finance and how you make money are ahead. Your self esteem will improve also.

The next few weeks are positive waxing days.However, with the state of the world, the worst is yet to come, especially for the U.S.A. New Moon or not, this coming week will be trying for us as a nation and from March 26 -31st we will really see the numbers rise. I understand how hard it can be to remain positive but you must. You must continually tell yourself"I will not get this", "I will not feed into fear", and follow the laws. Stay quarantined if ordered to do so, eat healthy immunity rich foods,keep busy, and stay active by getting out in the fresh air. Even if that is only in your own back yard or a walk down the block. Fresh air is fresh air.Mother Nature is replenishing herself with a much needed break from humans. The sky is a little bluer these days without all the chem trails. The air is a little cleaner without all the pollution and chemicals. Spring is in the air and nature is fertile and abundant. Bask in her beauty.Enjoy the birds,fresh blooms of flowers, and the clean fresh smell of Springtime.

Be safe. Stay strong and may Great Spirit Bless us all.

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