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August 2023 Energy Forecast

August 2023 Energy Forecast

Aug.1 Full Moon in Aquarius - Shocking surprises are ahead for many.

Aug. 1 Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus - Lots of energy and enthusiasm.

Aug.6 - Sun in Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus - Foolish optimism, exaggerations, and extravagance can be dangerous.

Aug 8 - Last Quarter Moon

Aug. 9 - Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus - Critical thinking is quick, tolerant, enlightened, and things are easily comprehended.

Aug.13 - Mercury goes Rx in Virgo (Ancient Astrology) - This will be a strong one due to the dual mercurial energy of Virgo, Governed by Mercury.

Aug. 13 - Sun in Leo in conjunction with Venus in Leo. Also known as a Venus Cazimi in Leo - Fun and pleasure prevail and we fall in love with life again.

Aug. 13/14/15 - Dark Moon Phase

Aug. 15 - Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus - erratic behavior, dramatic action, and possible financial chaos.

Aug. 16 - New Moon in Leo - It's all about joy, pleasure, The children, and of course, romance.

Aug. 19 - Sun in Leo trine True Node in Aries - Harmonious effort is given to many situations.

Aug. 22 - Venus in Leo square Jupiter Taurus - Overindulgence, conceit, and emotional hypocrisy are common.

Aug.23 - Sun enters Virgo - Happy Birthday, Virgo!

Aug. 23 - Mercury goes Retrograde in Virgo (Modern Astrology).

Aug. 24 - First Quarter Moon

Aug. 24 - Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn - Strong willpower and regeneration are possible.

Aug. 27 - Mars enters Libra - Justice and commitments.

Aug. 28 - Uranus goes Retrograde - A rebellion can spark new ideas and new paths. Intuition is heightened.

Aug. 30 - A Blue Moon/Full Moon in Pisces - A second Full Moon of the month brings spiritual awakenings, and an increase in knowledge.

Wishing everyone a blessed and safe month ahead.


Astro - Strega!

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