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Between the 'Ages" and Global Renewal - Age of Aquarius!

For many of us across the U.S.A, Europe,Asia,S.America,parts of Africa and Oceania we have and still are, enduring this global pandemic. Many lives have been lost, a medical profession hanging by a thread by poor lack of leadership,support or governance. The next major energy shift happens on May 5,2020 when the North and South nodes of the moon shift (Dragon Energy Shift) in to Gemini/Sagittarius. I will explain the next Axis shift of energy in my next news letter. As above,so below, as it is on earth so it be in thy heavens,reflects earth. Its already happening!

We are between the "AGES" as some call it. Where the energies of two ages merge together. This planet is in transition, and looking for more stable ground, more balance and more harmony. However, it is being fought relentlessly by world leaders who will do anything to retain their power and control. The stars, E.T's and Mother Earth have a lot more to say on this matter.Many say its a dimension shift, others say the paradigm is evolving. I call it the shift of the Ages. We can also call it "The Great Cycle", where every 25,000 years the planet releases its self with a great energy shift. Many say this is why Lemuria and Atlantis disappeared according to Plato. This isn't to insinuate that we are all going to disappear. There is a purging and cleaning happening, and a new world emerging from all of this chaos.

We must first go back in time. Just like the zodiac,there are 12 sign,there are also 12 "AGES". In Ancient Astrology, every 2,100 or so, we have a shift of the ages. In biblical time there was golden/copper calf/bull and it was the AGE of Taurus, celebrated for the past 2,000 years. This was when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the tablets (10 commandments) and wipes out thousand of Israelites for their ways and what they were accustomed too. Moses heralds in the "AGE" of Aries and a new generations of Jews for the ages.We can see the Aries energy by the sacrificing of the ram (Aries), and blowing the shofar or the horn of a ram. For the next 2,100 years the planet was under Arian/Aries reign. Aries is after all the "Lord of War" and rules violence,warfare,bloodshed, and aggressive action. The 1st Testament of the bible proves how violent and cantankerous things where back then. In today's society you wouldn't actually act out in the manner stated in the 1st Testament of the Bible because you would be arrested. Hence, don't take thing literally. It is because we aren't in the age of Aries anymore.

After Aries,we moved into the "AGE" of Pisces,and the birth of religion and the beginning of the church, and the murky waters of illusions,and delusions with religion. Pisces is also about spirituality and the spirit world. The New Testament shows a kinder gentler side with a more loving God. as people welcomed in this new age.

And here we are, April 13 ,2020. Where we live in a world of division,racism,hated,bigotry, homophobia,xenophobia, lack of tolerance,injustices, and corruption in government and in many other facades of life. This plague(COVID 19) is a full breakdown of a greedy,corrupt system in healthcare,insurance, the elitists,the economy, the health of a nation and world both physically and psychologically . We will never go back to the way it was. Why should we! The are many who speculate, including myself on when we actually moved into the "AGE" of Aquarius. Some say it happened in 1947 with the Roswell crash, others say it was the 60's, and many believe it happened on Dec.21,2012. This is when we were in alignment with the galactic center. This was also when the Mayan calendar had ended. Many doomsdayers said it was the end of the world or end times.However, it was simply an energy shift of the "AGES" and the welcoming in of the Age of Aquarius. This energy will be radical,rebellious, and shocking. There is nothing conservative about this energy.The old ways will die and New Age/ E.T's come into light. Most of us will be dead and buried by the time we get into the full swing of Aquarius as it will be another 100 years before humans are working side by side with our extraterrestrial brothers.

As hard as this might be for many to grasp, God didn't write the Bible. Prophets, and spiritualist wrote the Bible, in a time that pertained to the ages of Aries and Pisces. The Creators messages will always be written in his starlight, and we must learn to read the signs(stars), for the New Age of Aquarius rules the stars,astrology,E.T,UFO's, technology,rebellion,brotherly love,universal love and humanitarianism. A new worlds begins and the future looks brighter but there will be tough days ahead, many transitions, and shocking news and radical changes as Aquarius is ruled by Uranus.

Stay vigilant,stay safe,healthy and never feed into the fear. If we follow these rules,follow the stars and stay in accordance with the balance of nature;we too shall see thru this storm.

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Art work by SergeM73
The Age of Aquarius

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