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Blue Moon Forecast

A Blue Moon is when two full moons occur within a calendar month or seasonal cycle. They take place about every 33 months or every two to three years. It is considered a very rare and magical event, Hence the phrase "Once in a Blue Moon." On Wednesday, August 30 2023 at 9:36 p.m. EDT, we have a 2nd full moon of the month. This is a very rare event and a potent Full Moon in Pisces. It is also the last supermoon of the year.

The Blue Moon energy is associated with deep intuition, the divine feminine, deities, angels, demons, knowledge, wisdom, ancestry magick, and women's spirituality and the crone aspect. I've heard many call this The Grandmother Goddess aspect.

This Blue Moon will receive its energy in the sign of Pisces. This sign rules the 12th house and the deep subconscious mind. It rules lucid dreams, secrets, occult and spiritual matters, hidden knowledge, and paying attention to our inner voice. This is not the time to self-doubt your feelings because your intuitive side is working overtime. Keeping a dream journal these next few days wouldn't be a bad idea.

When we have a Pisces Full Moon the energies can be complex and have negative and positive effects. Pisces is artistic, dreamy, intuitive, musical, and even psychic. However, the energy can be misguided.

As magical as this moon can be, it does have its downside; some see things with rose-colored glasses on, and we face illusions and delusions. Some souls receive bad and misguided directions, and others can fall into a state of despair, regret, and depression, especially with strong Neptunian placements in one's chart.

Anytime a Pisces Full Moon is at hand it is wise to steer clear of all drugs and alcohol due to the emotional and elusive state of this moon and its ruler, Neptune. This is where some fall into old and bad habits again as some souls' perceptions will be cloudy. Others can tap into the deep subconscious, regenerate with meditation, and stay as grounded as possible.

Neptunian and March-born souls will feel this moon the strongest. All souls born with a Sun, Moon, Ascendant, A Dragons Head/Tail will feel this moon's power the must, along with Virgo and ALL water signs.

These next two weeks will hear about religion, religious cults, suicides, drug overdoses, addiction, Middle Eastern news, news about jails, hospitals, institutions, drownings, flooding, tsunamis, and water events that can all happen in this energy.

The more positive aspect of this energy will be to visit your psychics, astrologers, mediums, and spiritualists as most will be able to see past the veil. However, be aware of the charlatans that will come out of the woodwork to feast on innocent souls. Many of those charlatans need more help than we do, so be aware.

Magickal Folk

Blue Moons are one of the most powerful times to create magick. Many practitioners believe that the intentions, and magick created during a Blue Moon are so powerful and intense that the energies can continue until the next Blue Moon.

Any spellwork for fertility, new opportunities, finances, ancestral work, and breaking bad habits are all blessed now. Any divination from tarot, pendulum, bone throwing, astrology, clairvoyance, communication with the dead, and spirit boards are all good and the good practitioners will be on their game.

Happy Magick Making!

Since it is Virgo Season I will share their forecast


Some Virgos will discover the deceit from business partners and domestic relationships. Change is needed in this part of your life. You receive this energy in the 7th house of marriage, sharing, partnerships, and contracts. You will have to reevaluate your business life as certain partners may not have your best interests at heart, If your marriage or domestic relations are solid, you will get through this energy just fine. However, if a relationship isn't meant to be, the stars will force you out. Be strong!

Rare events bring rare situations and these next few weeks we will hear all sorts of news regarding water issues, religion, The POPE, drug abuse, drunk driving, and overdoses. Souls with a strong Neptune in critical degrees will not deal with this energy very well.

On a more positive note, it doesn't matter whether you are a practitioner, spiritualist, or someone who just loves astrology, this rare Blue Moon event is for all of us because we are all children of the stars.

So light those candles and make a wish...we all get a 2nd birthday wish when a Blue Moon is in play, Bright blessings, and may your manifestations become a reality.

Be safe!

Astro Strega

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