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Camilla Queen Consort

Camilla was born on July 17, 1947 in London, England. She is born in the Sun sign of Cancer with her Moon, dignified in Cancer also. In her 1st house she has a stellium in Cancer, meaning she has four planets residing in one house "A Stellium." She has the Sun (outer expression), Moon (emotions), Venus (love), and Mercury (communication) all in Cancer. Her rising sign which is the hidden face she show the world is in Leo in the 2nd house of wealth and money. This means that she displays self-confidence, is generous, loyal, and a affectionate person. She has a charm about her, and is cheerful and capable of being a successful social butterfly. Souls with Leo Ascendant are most often physically attractive. This usually means they have a constant flow of potential sexual partners into their lives. They must learn to exercise discrimination in choosing sexual partners. Remember that what's inside the person is much more important than their physical appearance. This is pertaining more to Camilla in her younger days.

She is born with her natal Dragons Head (North Node) in Gemini (12th house) and her tail (South Node) in Sagittarius (6th house). A Dragon tail in Sagittarius will either bring on a hatred for animals or a deep love for them, especially horses. And we all know how much she loves horses. In past lifetimes she has been a compulsive perfectionist, and overly critical of others. During this lifetime she must learn to be more compassionate and forgiving of human flaws. She has in the past undergone periods of forced isolation which help her to become more tolerant of the differences in other people and their cultures. If she wants a good, long life then she will need a more positive attitude to help preserve good health, and with the Dragons tail in her 6th house of health she will have hip problems, back problems, and lower lumbar issues.

In this lifetime her Natal Dragon in Gemini, and she has spent many lifetimes seeking knowledge, and freedom, and has developed definite philosophies about life. She has lived these lifetimes seeking personal liberty, with little interest or involvement in the society around her (the common people). During this lifetime she will learn to recognize the benefits of interaction with others. She needs a broader understanding of the universe, as Gemini is always full of curiosity.

In the 2nd house there is a rising, which we already discussed. There is also Saturn (karmic ties) and Pluto (drama). This is Camilla's second tour of a privileged life and this time she landed old Windsor money but her love for Charles is real and has been for the past 50 years. Pluto in Leo, in the 2nd house will create, and has created major drama through out the years for Camilla in regards to wealth, possessions, and self - esteem.

Moving on to the 5th house of love, and romance she has Jupiter in Scorpio and that falls right on Charles (Sun in Scorpio) 1st house. She is his rock, without her he cant cope. With Jupiter in Scorpio, Camilla may benefit from inheritances, and wealth through marriage and love.

In closing and after looking at King Charles and Camilla's charts, Cancer always attracts Scorpio (5th house of love) and Camilla is very much a true Cancer with a Cancer Stellium. Charles provides security for Camilla, the Cancer, and Camilla provides loyalty, support, and a touch of luck for him. They are not soul mates but more as twin flames. They are very compatible for each other, whether anyone likes it or not, love is love. Both are getting up there in years and even though Camilla is older then Charles, he does have some issues with swelling of the feet, and hands and that is obvious to the general public. I do feel Camilla is a little healthier then Charles but with Saturn in Leo, heart ailments or heart attack is possible.

There are many psychics, astrologers, and mediums who feel King Charles will only serve Great Britain for a two to five years, and I do see this too. The great seer himself saw him abdicating the throw and I will get into that at a later date.



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