Cancer New Moon Forecast 6-21

I forgot to add this into my last newsletter but we do start this Eclipse Energy with "Days of Caution" for June 21/22/23. The Moonic phase is here once again,and you can bet the U.S.A will make the headlines,beginnings and endings for many of us, now. This energy is gonna be a heavy hitter with a New Moon, and a Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Mother Earth always comes thru and she will let us know, she is present with an earthquake,volcanic eruption or some sort of earth change. Abrupt relocation is common,especially with Mercury Rx. Even with the Moon in her waxing phase now, tragedy can strike. This is a more positive energy in nature, just be careful.

Summer has officially begun, and this is also called Litha, where a celebration of the Summer Solstice, which falls on the 20/21st.The Sun on this date, is at its highest point and we celebrate the zenith of the Suns energy, and the bounty, and harvest that he provides. The solstice is the exact moment that the northern hemisphere is at its highest tilt towards the Sun, which this year is Saturday 20 June 2020 at 21:43 GMT. Solstice is therefore celebrated on the sunrise and set that are closest to this time, this year this will the sunset of the 20th and rise of the 21st. As from this day on ,the days grow shorter, and the nights grow longer.

Solar eclipse are all about outer expression, the out ward appearance, and souls purpose in life. Cancer New Moons are about family, home, hearth, and domestic life. Real-estate, redecorating, re-locating,buying and sell property,food,our emotions, and mother figure energy. With the Moon making aspects with Mars(desire), and Pisces, love could be in the air. Like I stated in my last news letter this energy is all about "nurturing the mind,body ,and soul, as a whole for outer and inner balance."

Magickal Folk: This is the perfect time to work magick for home,family, real-estate and domestic issues. Kitchen witchery is also favored now. This is also a perfect time to manifest your future home thru visualization and magic for working with finding a home. Since this is a Cancer New Moon, any spells for fertility are blessed, since Cancer does rule the womb, and the breasts, and the eclipse energy makes it all the more powerful. Happy Magic Making!

Two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: This will be a happy time with family. Good news with home,real estate, and family fun. Be happy and enjoy life.

Taurus: Good news will arrive via phone,email,or snail mail. Communication with siblings will be very positive , and new studies or short trips might be in order to clear your mind.

Gemini: Opportunities to advance financially are ahead of you. With Cancer energy gracing your 2nd house,this is the perfect time to invest in a home.

Cancer: Cancer, you shine now.This energy is packing a power punch, right on you. Progressive change is ahead, and since this is on your outward appearance,and souls purpose in life, time to change your hair color, the way you style your hair or new do. Do something new that you like. Happy Birthday Cancer!

Leo: The past will come back, especially with Mercury Rx. Messages will be received via dreams, and even secrets come to light now. Process the information and keep it to your self for now

Virgo: The past comes back, but in a very positive way. Friends from the past or present may make one of your wishes come true in the next few weeks.

Libra: Progressive changes are ahead Libra in the world of career. You can make a positive impact, and a good impression now.

Scorpio: Far away trips to foreigner lands will have to wait due to the state of the world but arm chair traveling,short trips,on-line studies will all be blessed under these stars. Learn something new. Court cases should have a positive outcome too.

Sagittarius: New business partnerships ,and joint finances could bring you, your lucky break. Legacy is always common too.

Capricorn: New business endeavors, and new partnerships and even new domestic relationships can transpire now Cappy. The hard part is getting out there to mingle.

Aquarius: Positive, and progressive changes are ahead with better health, and better employment opportunities.

Pisces: You are blessed with a new love interest,children will bring you joy, and good news all around when it comes to romance. Enjoy!

The next two week,regardless of Mercury Rx,will effect all of us by house and sign. Where ever Cancer falls in your own chart, is where this intense Solar Eclipse,New Moon energy will hit, and progressive changes will come to those houses effected by its impact. The Days of Caution might bring an earthquake or freak weather but on a personal level, this energy is all about nurturing our selves, and bringing balance and enjoying the ripeness of summer ,and natures bounty.

Blessed Summer/Winter Solstice!

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