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Days of Caution and Mercury direct

There isn't alot of celestial action this week but we do have a Plutonic phase( this is when the planet of Pluto takes control for about 5 days) on Aug. 15, 16, 17,18 and 19th. Plutonic phases always bring drama,death,destruction and rebirth. Scorpio rules sex,dark secrets,police work,CIA ,FBI,MOB,Russia and hidden or forbidden knowledge and secrets always come to light under these stars. The rich and famous always meet their fate at this time and anything of a sexual nature whether scandals,prostitution,porn or rape will come to light. Death and drama will plague the news this week as terrorism is high on the agenda. As always, I highly suggest not going into large crowds this weekend and stay with the things you know.Even in this new moon its not going to be the time for try or seeing new things.Wait until this energy has passed, then have some fun.

Mercury goes direct on Aug. 19th and it is now time to sign those contracts,make those plans and take those steps needed to succeed. Your retrograde period was a time to reflect,plan your next move. Now its time to progress forward and make things happen.

Have a wonderful and safe week.

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