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December Energy Forecast 2021

Dec. 1 - Neptune goes direct - Many of us with a strong Neptune and intuitive nature have felt the psychic overload in some ways. The energy becomes more grounded and dreams you have had recently have meaning.

Dec. 4 - New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius - Where ever this eclipse falls by house and sign, you will feel its new found adventure, abundance and quest for the truth and higher learning.

Dec. 13 - Mars enters Sagittarius - Its double fire. When Mars, action, aggression, and war moves into Sagittarius which rules travel, religions, laws, foreigners and lands, you can expect violence over religion and chaos over seas and in the U.S.A too.

Dec. 13 - Mercury enters Capricorn - We become more organized, practical and use ration over imagination. Speech becomes business like and serious.

Dec. 18 - Full Moon in Gemini @ 11:35 P.M. EST. Gemini Full Moons bring out our curiosity. we become more talkative, charming, and are a thirst for knowledge.

Dec. 19 - Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn until Jan. 29,2022 - This is where it is time to take a look at how you spend money, improve your existing relationships and do not propose, get married, get any type of aesthetic surgery to change your looks under these stars. You will be very disappointed. Stick to second hand retail, antique shopping and do at home beauty treatments.

Dec. 21 - Sun enters Capricorn @ 10:59 A.M. - Happy birthday Capricorn! Blessed Yule and Winter Solstice too.

Dec.24 - Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus. Saturn rules politics and government. Aquarius rules shocking, eruptive, and abrupt energy. Squares are all about tension, and Uranus, planet of explosions, fault lines, and volcanoes is in Taurus which is Mother Gaia (Mother Earth) energy. Prepare for major financial issues or some sort of global Mother Earth event to happen in regards to earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis, and intense weather patterns.

Dec.28 - Jupiter enters Pisces. Jupiter and Pisces work well together since the benefic planet is exalted and working in our favor. Where ever your Jupiter/Pisces hits in December 2021, luck, abundance, and opportunities are sure to follow.

December 31st falls under a Plutonic negative energy window and it is advised to stick to smaller gatherings, intimate dinners, or enjoy time at home with family. All of man’s evil and vipers will be out this New year’s Eve looking and preying on some unaware soul. Be safe, follow the stars and have a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.


Astro –Strega

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