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Dragon Axis Shift/Nodal Transit into Taurus/Scorpio

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I call this "The Changing of the Guards," Every eighteen months the Universal Dragon energy shifts. Since May 5,2020 we have been under a negative fire Dragon energy in Gemini/Sagittarius. This energy has brought many things such as Covid (same dragon the year The Spanish Flu hit) massive fires, globally. The loss of many animal species, lack of critical thought and believing conspiracies instead of investigating them on your own. Sadness and exposure to our indigenous communities, the misinformation through media, and a division within the state of its people

The United States is a Cancer nation and this energy has been sitting on the U.S.A. 6th house of health and service to the world. Our nation is unhealthy, both mentally and physically. We have become a nation where logic and reason is thrown out the door. We have become divided, unkind, racist, and irrational. This is why the very last days of this negative Sagittarius fire dragon are taking so many American lives and giving many people a hard dose of reality.

I posted a newsletter in April of 2020 about this:

These past 18 months have brought many things. Lets start with Gemini. The positive energy of Gemini was all about mental stimulation, multi tasking, discoveries, curiosity, photography, music, seeking the truth, broadcasting, journalism, and writing. This energy can bring a lot of joyous, happy times with lots of laughing, and joking going around. Gemini is a dual sign and people with a strong Gemini in their stars will always experience their life happening in doubles, quadruples, (two, four ,six). This energy will also give them a strong physical and mental process.

And this is why, we, as Americans are experiencing a fourth wave of this Covid Virus. Twos, fours, sixes,....its all written in the stars. New York is a Gemini city, hence why they are getting hit so hard with Covid. L.A is also a Gemini city and made headlines these past 18 months with the Covid crisis. Just because the Dragon is riding its head does not mean tragedy and sadness will not occur. Covid is the perfect example of an air dragon bringing a respiratory illness to the world. Gemini rules the respiratory system and has made its presence known.

I also spoke about the tail of this Dragon being a negative fire energy in Sagittarius. We have seen these past 18 months so much sadness. Sagittarius rules medicine, education laws, justice, court, the animal kingdom, indigenous people, foreigners, and foreign lands. Ancient Astrology calls it the "codification of thought." The world at large will begin to question books written by man, and what the good book says. The Sagittarius (Fire) energy will pursue the animal kingdom, educational system, the medical profession, religion, the indigenous people and minority's, along with many leaders who have this Sun and Dragon placement in Gemini and Sagittarius such as Donald Trump, and even the Pope. Countries take on this Gemini/Sagittarius energy also and Australia, S. America, California ,parts of Arizona, New York, L.A. big cities in general will all make headlines for the next year and half. More fires, issues with our native brothers fighting for their rights, sadness within the animal kingdom, the stupidity of fearful, and indoctrinated people will plague the world.

Modern Astrology pays very little attention on these Nodal shifts. Vedic (sidereal), Babylonian, Occidental/ Chinese, Draconian (not practiced anymore) and Divine (Nostradamus method) are the only ones that pay any attention to North and South nodes and their housing systems.

In Vedic Astrology, astronomically, Rahu and Ketu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes. Rahu is responsible for causing the Eclipse of the Sun. (Google search)

Nostradamus was able to create astrological predictions thru incorporating a few ancient methods of astrology to work very well under the Tropical zodiac. He took Draconian methods which represents the souls purpose in life, mixed it with the teachings of the Dragons energy of Chinese astrology, and used the Babylonian, ancient method and power of the Dragon's placement to see into the future of how all these energies will effect mankind by house. signs, and some degrees.

The next Dragon shifts on January 18, 2022 thru July 17,2023 into a Taurus/Scorpio axis. I will say this, "out of all the dragon's tails I fear this one the most." The Scorpio Dragons tail is a very harsh, unloving and unfeeling energy. Where ever this falls by house and sign, you will feel its wake up calls, deaths, and transformations. Positive and negative.

Scorpio is either the Eagle(positive) or the Lizard (negative). This Dragon tail will represent the Lizard, and all the negative it brings. Scorpio rules, metaphysics, witchcraft, underworld, investigations, investments, morgues, cemeteries, morticians, insurance, police, CIA,FBI, IRS, mafia, sex industry, dramatic news where death and drama take center stage. The witchcraft community takes a big hit in someway. Lawlessness will arise and the possibility of civil war is not off the table. Deep and hidden secrets are brought to light, so brace yourselves for unsettling news about children, sex trafficking, police disgracefulness, exposure of politicians, celebrities, and religious figures will all make headlines.

This is where Plutonic souls will feast as psychic vampires, often with resentful, jealous, and dangerous tactics. There will be no fear of laws, and there is no regard for laws. A natural lust for death and drama will prevail. Metaphysical powers are used in the wrong manner, and used to control, harm and manipulate. Witch hunts and some sexual diseases once thought a thing of the past, resurface and make headlines. Sad news will be ahead for Russia and all countries formed in the month of November.

The Dragons head will be in Taurus/Venus energy. This is a beautiful venetian and earthy dragons energy where we will put more focus on the things that make us feel beautiful, sexy, and rich. With this Dragon be prepared for earth changes such as volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes and stress on fault lines will be common. Uranus is also in Taurus so those two together will make the earth shake. Taurus rules beauty, banking, finances, money, wealth and possessions. We will see a change in the banking system and currency issues leading to a new currency are very possible. People will be into shopping more for vintage goods, antiques, and all sorts of new technology in the beauty and aesthetics world will be introduced. Switzerland makes news and countries formed in the month of May make headlines. Even though England is a Capricorn nation well before boarders and boundaries existed, the United Kingdom was formed on May 1, 1707, and will make headlines in the next 18 months with significant news.

Many souls will be able to make millions with genius ideas in business, and investing in other peoples money. Hard work will bring love and respect to others, and this placement signals where the rich suffer financially, and the poor benefit monetarily. Many of us will get creative and that creativity brings financial freedom and happiness.

This Dragon is directly hunting for all November and May born souls. We ALL will feel this energy but those born with Scorpio or Taurus moons, suns, risings, and natal and hidden dragon placements in Scorpio and Taurus will feel this more then others. I also will say that for the next 18 months our Plutonic phases will be stronger, deadlier, and more violent then we have ever seen before. Knowing those "Days of Caution" and your own negative and positive days will help get you through a very rough phase coming up.

The United States will feel this energy on its 11th house of wishes and friends. This means that we will regain or make alliances and friendships among other countries and some of our nations own wishes get fulfilled. This also means the tail rides Americas 5th house of children, love, and creativity. Our children will make headlines in very negative ways. This dragon hunts America and its children. The months that will have the most impact on the universe will be May 2022, November 2022, and May 2023.

Forecast and Predictions for 2022/2023 Taurus/Scorpio Axis:

1. Donald Trump will have health issues and his service to the world is exposed. He will not be running in 2024. He will be busy fighting legal battles, possible jail time, health problems and bankruptcy. Stress will bring about poor health where "The Donald" gets a wake up call and I do not see Melania staying in that marriage a second longer.

2. The last Dragon in Sagittarius ruled doctors, medicine and the Hippocratic oath. This Scorpio Dragon rules insurance and massive bankruptcies will be on the rise due to people not able to pay their hospital bills. A full restructure of our health insurance is needed and will expose its corruption. The U.S.A now begins its major healthcare crisis and exposure of the greedy insurance companies, lobbyists, and politicians who fought hard not to give every U.S. citizen a small measure of public healthcare for its people.


4. Those who have ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

5. Full restructure and exposure of more police secrets and crimes. Not a good time to be a cop for they are in danger and many will die. We will also see the police and FBI involved with things such as sex trafficking's and will get exposed. They are being hunted and exposed for their corrupt ways and more and more info will come out exposing them. full restructure of the police force is eminent.

6. Russia /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

7. Progressive changes ahead in how you do banking and how you spend money. It's very New Age, and somewhat scary but it is written in the stars and mankind's destiny to new digital currency.

8. Many will ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

9. The IRS ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

10. There will be an increase in //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

11. Cyber /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

12. There will be an increase in//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

13. Lots of advancement in ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

14. . Dark celestial energy //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


16. Those that are inexperienced in the magic //////////////////////////////////////.


18. All Plutonic phases /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

19. Wake up calls ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

20. This Dragon is on the U.S.A. Children and a full exposure of sex trafficking rings exposing many prominent, famous, political or religious leaders will get exposed. We will see our own police force involved with sex trafficking too. It will be shocking.

21. Lots of //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

22. Possible /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

23. We had an energy /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

24. Disclosure and secrets come to light about our involvement with E.Ts, UFO's.

25. Joe Biden ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

26.I feel nuts for saying this but.....anytime you have a Scorpio Dragons tail it represents death, rebirth, resurrections, meaning the dead come back to life. Either in the metaphysical realm or the mundane. This energy hunts for the rich and the famous and lots of those deaths will be on the rise these next 18 months but a possibility of a famous person coming back to life is very possible....such as a faked death. Watch the news and stay tuned.


Those are 2022/2023 Taurus/Scorpio Dragons axis. Violent times are ahead and I will not sugar coat what I'm seeing. Once this Dragon has ended and we move into the Aries/Libra Dragon on July 18,2023, we will see less about left and right, blue or red, democrat or republican, and more about equality, justice for all. This does not me those parties wont be there but change is coming in our political system, monetary system, and in our own communities. It will be about helping one another. All I can say is "Thank Goddess" that Jupiter is in Pisces as this will help to aide compassion and kindness within our citizens once again. We have to expect the worst but hope for the best and take it one day at a time.

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