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We need to go back in time for this one. Some of you may not have been born yet. I was one when this happened, and have no memory of it….neither did most Americans. In 1971, the U.S. was removed off the gold standard, under President Nixon. He took the U.S.A. off the gold standard and basically distorted the U.S. Dollar. And this move began the rise of inflation and the distortion of our economy well over 50 years ago. The damage was set in place back then.

I mentioned back in Jan.10, 2022 that the Scorpio Dragons tail is a very harsh, unloving and unfeeling energy. Where ever this falls by house and sign, you will feel its wake up calls, deaths, and transformations. Positive and negative. As stated in my Jan.10, 2022 newsletter “Dragon Axis Shift/Nodal Transit into Taurus/Scorpio.

“The Dragons head will be in Taurus/Venus energy. This is a beautiful Venetian and earthy dragon’s energy where we will put more focus on the things that make us feel beautiful, sexy, luxury, and riches. With this Dragon be prepared for earth changes such as volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes and stress on fault lines will be common. Uranus is also in Taurus so those two together will make the earth shake. Taurus rules beauty, banking, finances, money, wealth and possessions. We will see a change in the banking system and currency issues leading to a new currency are very possible.” Posted on Jan. 10, 2022

It’s is happening right in front of our very eyes, and many Americans aren’t paying attention. President Biden stated on March 09, 2022 of this year that Statement by NEC Director Brian Deese and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on New Digital Assets Executive Order. The United States is actively working on a CBDC solution, stating a test program will go live this fall.


“Today President Biden signed an Executive Order (E.O.) to establish the first-ever comprehensive federal digital assets strategy for the United States. The E.O. will help position the U.S. to keep playing a leading role in the innovation and governance of the digital assets ecosystem at home and abroad, in a way that protects consumers, is…full article here:

It goes on to say “The approach outlined in the E.O. will reinforce U.S. leadership in the global financial system and safeguard the long-term efficacy of critical national security tools like sanctions and anti-money laundering frameworks. To these ends, the Order identifies the Administration’s policy priorities, both for cryptocurrencies and any future U.S. central bank digital currency (CDDC), to help guide the evolution of the digital asset ecosystem in a way that is consistent with our values.

Here is the red flag, C.B.D.C Central Bank Digital currency goes into effect around 12/22/22 and is still issued and controlled by The Central Bank and Federal Reserve. It is social money that isn’t even on the block chain like all the other cryptocurrencies. Which means it is still controlled by the Feds. What is coming is a very different animal, that the U.S.A. isn’t prepared for or how to handle the situation.

The block chain is an honest, mathematical way to log and regulate, so there is no fraud. This doesn’t mean people do not get scammed or hacked from time to time but it is a legal transaction where mathematics is boss and you cannot fudge the numbers or cheat…..the Feds don’t like that and this is why they ALL have been telling you for years not to invest in Bitcoin, crypto etc.. And this is because they are investing in it themselves.

Most crypto is a scam or Ponzi scheme…about 95% is a scam. The key to making long term money is looking at what the crypto does, its job, and service. For example, in the gold rush days, very few gold miners ever made any real money. The ones who made the money where the ones who sold the picks, hammers, and shovels. And the Levis (jeans) company began too. Those men went on to be millionaires.

Is the US dollar losing worth?

The dollar has lost over 96% of its value and purchasing power. $1 in 1800 is equivalent in purchasing power to around $22.13 today. Today's dollar would be worth less than 4 cents back in 1913. 1913 is when the Federal Reserve took over the US banking system.

The seven currencies that value higher than the American dollar are:

1 EUR = 1.07 USD

2. Cayman Islands Dollar: 1 KYD = 1.21 USD

3. British Pound: 1 GBP = 1.25 USD

4. Jordanian Dinar: 1 JOD = 1.41 USD

5. Omani Rial: 1 OMR = 2.60 USD

6. Bahraini Dinar: 1 BHD = 2.65 USD

7.Kuwaiti Dinar: 1 KWD = 3.26 USD

What Affects a Currency Exchange Rate?

Broadly speaking, the exchange rate for countries with free floating currencies is usually affected by the strength of a country's economy. In addition, though, exchange rates are relative, meaning they depend on the country with which you're comparing yours at any given time. So, economic conditions and policies (e.g., concerning inflation, interest rates, and debt) in the respective countries can affect the exchange rate.


Bitcoin software was launched on Jan. 3, 2009 by a soul named Satoshi Nakamoto. He basically created the technology revolution in wake of the finance crisis of 2008 -2012, and the 2nd bail out of big banks. It was time to create a digital currency that was peer to peer. Cutting out the middle men, and giving the people control of their own money that isn’t connected to the Central Banks. The Banks weren’t too pleased with this because they always want to take their cut of your money. They also told everyone “Bitcoin was a joke “and not to invest, while behind closed doors, they were investing themselves.

Bitcoin is digital property and is heavily regulated by math and not by man. In the book “The Big Book of Crypto” by James Altucher, and Chris Campbell. They discuss that money that is honest creates honest societies, and unsound money creates the opposite effect, full of inflation, deceit, and corruption. And since there are no gatekeepers like CEO’s, trusts, board members, etc. anyone can access Bitcoin. And this is what the IRS and Federal Reserve are trying desperately to hide.

Let’s talk Ripple or XRP in crypto. The Federal Reserve announced well over a year ago that they will be using this as their currency. Simply put, this is your new bank coming soon, and set to be in place in July 2023 and right on time with the Dragons head in Taurus (money, banking, and finance). Taurus is a slow moving sign and takes its sweet ass time and is slow no one rushes a bull. The Dragon energy in Taurus will prevail with new digital currencies’ right before or on the new Dragon shift on July 18, 2023 into Aries/Libra energy.

I’m going to share my top 10 crypto’s and what their job is on the block chain that aren’t a Ponzi scheme. The first five I actually own and been investing in for a while.

XRP (Ripple) – See above as I discussed – as of today $0.33 per share

GRT (Graph) – The Google of the block chain with web 3 technology. Indexing allows for the reduction of time it takes to find a particular piece of information.

ETH (Ethereum) – The Web 3 future of internet. $1,636.63 per share

Bitcoin – Digital currency that will grow in value – It like owns beach front property. $19,763 per share

NOTE: Markets have changed and this was posted 9/5/22


The worst cryptocurrencies to buy are:



Tether (USDT)

Saitama (SAITAMA)

Any Dog coin, never, ever buy them. PONZI SCAM!

These predictions are coming to light that were posted for Patreon back in January 2022.

Prediction #1 - Donald Trump will have health issues and his service to the world is exposed. He will not be running in 2024. He will be busy fighting legal battles, possible jail time, and bankruptcy. Stress will bring about poor health where "The Donald" gets a wakeup call and I do not see Melania staying in that marriage a second longer.

Prediction #3 - With bankruptcies brings foreclosures and I do see the housing market taking a small hit. Nothing like 2008/09 situation but some of us will benefit from others misfortune with buying foreclosures.

Prediction #4 - Those who have money saved in precious metals and digital currency will be able to buy goods and services when the American dollar drops so low nobody wants to use it anymore because of its devalued worth. I foresee this more in 2023 but it’s coming.

The Vatican is aware of this -

Prediction #5 - Full restructure and exposure of more police secrets and crimes. Not a good time to be a cop for they are in danger and many will die. We will also see the police and FBI involved with things such as sex trafficking's and will get exposed. They are being hunted and exposed for their corrupt ways and more and more info will come out exposing them. Full restructure of the police force is eminent. - A Judge involved w/sex trafficking

Prediction #6 - Russia experiences the Scorpio tail as a nation. There will be lots of negative, and tragic news coming from Russia. Issues with Putin, possible heath issue for him or economic issues will arise. War with Ukraine broke out on 2/24/22

Prediction #7 - Progressive changes ahead in how you do banking and how you spend money. It's very New Age and somewhat scary but it is written in the stars and mankind's destiny to new digital currency. (Still unfolding) Dec. 22/23, 2022 Death of the American Dollar

Prediction #10 - There will be an increase in sexually transmitted diseases and those that were once eradicated come back again. Just watch the news headline this next year.

Monkey Pox, and polio found in NYC water system.

Prediction #13. Lots of advancement in science and medicine within the beauty and cosmetic surgery department. There will be lots of great deals in clothing and beauty too.

Web satellite has brought incredible images from outer space. (Science)

Underwater robots uncovered a 100-year-old shipwreck. ...

Artemis inches closer to its first launch. ...

Mercury's surface is covered in diamond dust. ...

Asteroid discovered two hours before impact. ...

Cancer sniffing worms.

Prediction #15 - Witch-hunts are revived in 2022 and not a good year to be a witch. Watch your back, put up your wards, and call for protection because we are going to need it.

Many evangelicals have posted that they want 'witch burnings “again.


The Big Book of Crypto by James Altucher and Chris Campbell


Disclaimer for Money and Finances: This is not financial advice but simply an astrological perspective of the stars. Never invest more then you are willing to lose.

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