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Election Day - Nov.3,2020

I will admit, this was probably, by far, the hardest,most complex, forecast to write. I had to look at all the aspects, and I'm still waiting ,as I might have to modify this once Biden has chosen his running mate, as their celestial energy plays a role in this too.

First let me come to you from a more metaphysical place and not a political one. For the past three months I have taken an pendulum, and placed it over Donald Trump's Astrological Star Chart, and every time I do this, it spins in a round in round motion, never moving in a left to right,back and forth motion. It spins in a circle, with no direction. This tells me the election is very uncertain. The energy on election day will be in a Mercury retro grade. The Moon is in Gemini, and if the election is to be called on November 3rd or 4th, Donald Trump will win the election because he is on one of his lucky days. However, with Mercury in retro-grade, confusions, chaos, and misunderstandings will be common. Recounts and investigations into fraud will be rampant, very common, and election fraud seems to be the norm these days with voter suppression. I foresee that deception will infiltrate this election, and if the election isn't called within 24 -48 time span, Trump will miss out on his Lucky Dragon Days. If the election recount is prolonged until November 9/10/11, 2020 then Biden will win the Presidency, depending on who his running mate is too. If Biden chooses a running mate with negative,political stars, that will play a factor into things as well.

What I am about to say will not be for the weak at heart, as I always speak the truth when the stars are speaking. Since I keep having these energy voids, where my pendulum spins in a "no where motion", I will say that the possibility of Marshall Law is highly likely, where the POTUS will call "Marshall Law" where no election, or any thing representing a Democratic Nation will take place. What is even more frighting is the fact that the Dragons tail in Scorpio doesn't arrive until Jan. 25,2022 and there is already a man hunt for the police. I'm all for reform but ridding the nation of its police force will only bring the criminals to the for front as the years of 1/25/22 - 7/25/23 bring on the Taurus/Scorpio energy, making the police feel even more isolated and hated then ever before.

These are many speculations, but I do foresee something negative arriving before or during the election. Maybe a distraction of some sort. An October surprise to come against Trump.More riots, chaos and social unrest to come. Even a new book or two will be dropped by Trumps former lawyer, Cohen, and others. Only time will tell but Trumps stars are reading so very negative, that it is hard for me to even write this newsletter without sounding like a "Debbie Downer."

As the months go by , I will continue to add to this newsletter, as the world unfolds. I will never call myself a psychic,even though I have those abilities. I simply will correlate what the Stars have set in place. Using my intuition, Astrological/Astropsychology software, and my subconscious mind to guild me to and from the parallels.

Be safe, take it one day at a time. Never feed into fear or it will control you. We will be going thru some very trying times for the next 18 months. My best advise is to say out of large crowds,and go way from where large groups of people are. Enjoy nature, solitude, camping and Mother earths' Divine messages. June will be a hard month but December will be even harder. The Corona Virus will make another tour, taking more lives. Keep the immune system up, be healthy. DON'T FEED INTO FEAR!


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