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Energy Shift 5/6/20 - 1/20/22 Gemini/Sagittarius Air/Fire Dragon energy!

Updated: May 6, 2020 we are again. Ever 18 months the Universal energy shifts,and its about that time again. We have been in a Cancer/Capricorn axis and the United States has been under the umbrella of this positive Cancer energy for the past 18 months.The United States was born on July 4,1776 in the sign of Cancer. We have been blessed by this energy as a nation with good economy,job growth and progress. The tides are changing!

The next Universal Dragon energy moves into a Gemini/Sagittarius axis on May 6,2020 and evokes the energies of air and fire. This energy will be on the United States health of a nation and their service to the world. Gemini energy is all about wind,birds,air, communication issue. It rules the lungs,respiratory system, lung diseases such as asthma,allergies, respiratory and COVID 19. This brings me to the subject of COVID 19, this isn't the end of it. It might settle a bit in June or fully come back. December is usually the beginning flu season in general but if we aren't careful, more outbreaks will be common and in full swing. The months to look for the highest peak in energy will be June and December 2020. Gemini energy will give it more fuel to feed the fire. I see the months of June and December taking a toll on the United States and the health of a nation;as well as the POTUS. We as a nation are affected by his negative energy (Dragon tail in Sag. 7th house). With Gemini creating duality, this virus will be taking a second tour of humanity, so be prepared, as we aren't out of the woods just yet.

In the many months to come we will see progressive changes with media, photography, technology, how we communicate and communication in general. Gemini rules transportation, and we may see incredible advancements to the auto industry,maybe even flying cars like in "The Jetsons."This also rules the postal service, and issues have already made headlines with the POTUS trying to privatize the postal system, stating they are broke. They have a pretty strong union behind them and with this next Gemini energy coming, changes will be made but USPS will get thru this, no matter how hard trump tries to dismantle it.

The positive energy of Gemini will be all about mental stimulation, discoveries,curiosity,photography,music, seeking the truth, broadcasting,journalism, and writing. This energy can bring a lot of joyous,happy times with lots of laughing, and joking going around. Gemini is a dual sign and people with a strong Gemini in their stars will always experience their life happening in doubles, quadruples, (two,four ,six). This energy will also give them a strong physical and mental process.

The Dragons Tail (S. Node of Moon) will be in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules medicine, education,laws,justice,court, the animal kingdom,indigenous people, foreigners, and foreign lands. Ancient Astrology calls it the "codification of thought." The world at large will begin to question books written by man, and what the good book says. The Sagittarius (Fire) energy will pursue the animal kingdom,educational system, the medical profession,religion, the indigenous people and minority's, along with many leaders who have this Sun and Dragon placement in Gemini and Sagittarius such as Donald Trump, and even the Pope. Countries take on this Gemini/Sagittarius energy also and Australia,S.America, California,parts of Arizona,New York, L.A. big cities in general will all make headlines for the next year and half. More fires,issues with our native brothers fighting for their rights, sadness within the animal kingdom, the stupidity of fearful, and indoctrinated people will plague the world.

We has human beings are effected by this cosmic energy shift too. Those who bestow a Sun,Moon,Dragon head/tail (North and South Nodes of the Moon) in Gemini and Sagittarius will be effected directly, positive and negative by house and sign.This energy is feeding off the fears,insecurities, and addictions of Geminis (June) and Sagittarius (December). Besides June and December souls having to be aware of this energy, Cancer(6th) and Capricorn(12th) are being hunted thru their subconscious mind and the house of health and service to the world. Best advice in order to get thru this energy is to know your stars, your positive and negative days, and if there are strong Gemini/Sagittarius energies in ones chart, you will feel them the most. Ride the head of this energy because the tail will lead to despair,death, and sadness.

Here are the positives and negatives of this next energy and things to come for the next 18 months:


- Progressive changes within the world of medicine and holistic benefits.

- A full re structure on the health care system.

- The educational system as we know it will change, more virtual learning and advanced technology, main stream education dies in some way.

- Advancements in transportation and technology with cars....flying cars....they already have them ,they just aren't public yet.

- Great deals on buying new and used cars,motorcycles and anything with wheels or transportation will be blessed by this energy.

- Changes to the postal service

- Progressive changes with journalism,publishing, and writing

- New social situations and ways of meeting new people via technology

- Broadcasting and people in broadcasting create something new or make headlines in a negative manner.

- Humanity becomes more curious, open minded, and communicative.

- Photography advances, and some incredible pictures come to light bringing the truth with it.


- Negative and sad news within the animal kingdom and their habitat.

- Diseases of the lungs and respiratory system will continue.

- More hot summers and fires in Australia but also California, West Coast, and parts of Arizona.

- More accidents with travel (cars.trains) and communication issues.

- Traveling to foreign lands will not be blessed under this energy. Travel domestic only!

- More animal attacks on humans.

- Issues with power outages, strong winds and dead birds (5G). Advancements to technology could kill us.

- Humanitarian aid for our indigenous nations as our government offers them no help.

- Religious zealots will be in full swing talking about the end days and trying to hold on to the last breath of religion.

- Negative news for POTUS and the Pope. The Pope is Sagittarius and President is Gemini. Both have a Dragon in Gemini/Sag and their energy will effect its people as a nation.

- The economy tanks, we as a nation are in for some hard times, and we will rebuild ourselves but not until after until after Jan.20,2022.

- There is a strong possibility of war breaking out

We are living in some incredible but very frightening times. The positives and negatives of things to come are not to scare you but warn, and prepare you. Use the knowledge to help yourself, and others. Follow the stars, and don't feed into fear. This is my last week of specials in my store. Check them out and order while supplies last here:

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