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February 2022 Energy Forecast

February 1/2 - New Moon in Aquarius @12:46 a.m. EST. Its a time of discovery, new technology, aeronautics, and helping our fellow man.

February 3 – Mercury Direct in Modern Astrology

February 8 – 1st Quarter Moon

February 13 – Mercury Direct in Ancient Astrology

February 14 – Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14 – Pluto trines the North Node. The transformation of political and monetary issues will be on the agenda.

February 14 – Mercury enters Aquarius. Communication takes on a more scientific and exploratory energy.

February 16 – Full Moon in Leo @ 11:56 a.m. EST – We will feel like splurging, enjoying ourselves and feeling indulgent.

February 17 – Jupiter sextiles Uranus. We will feel more mystical, emotional, and artistic.

February 18 – Sun enters Pisces. Happy Birthday Pisces!

February 23 – Last Quarter Moon

February 27/28 – Dark Moon phase

Wishing everyone a wonderful month of February. Follow the stars, be safe, and blessings.

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