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Financial Fridays

In my Monthly Energy Forecast for the Crone tier on Patreon I tell you to buy and invest this week because you always buy when the markets are down, not up. And here is a small snippet of my forecast.

The week of August 17 - 24, 2023. The governing planets are Mercury (travel and communication), Venus (partnerships), and Pluto (death and drama).

Money and Finances: It is a green light to invest in a new business adventure, real -estate, stocks, and crypto. Any new businesses related to holistic healing, organization, and gardening will be a perfect scenario. DON'T TRIP, BUY THE DIP!

Love: No new relationships at this time. The moon may be waxing but Venus is retrograding. Strengthen the relationships you have set in place. This is also where couples can work out their grievances too.

Travel and Environment: Travel is ok, but not blessed because Mercury is in retrograde, and that always brings delays and travel issues. Keep your eye on the road and drive on the defense to avoid problems.

Purchases: You will find good deals on anything for the garden, and your health such as vitamins and protein shakes and exercise equipment. New home décor, music, artwork, and anything involving the sex and kink world are all blessed under this new moon energy.

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Wishing you a wonderful weekend and be safe.

Astro -Strega

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