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Forecast for 3/27 - 4/5/2020

I'm a few days late. This quarantine has made me lose track of time. My apologies!

We have "Days of Caution" on March 31, April 1,2 and we enter Moonic energy. The focus will be on the U.S.A. There will be relocation for many,terrible weather and Mother Earth always lets herself be known too(natural disasters) .This represents beginning and endings to things in our own life also. This energy rules the real estate markets too. We will see many tragedies pertaining to the "family" and this usually brings ending of life too.

On a more positive note, Mars(desire principle) moves into Aquarius(New Age Matters) on Monday, March 30,2020. This placement usually signifies radical changes are ahead in some way. Souls born with this natal placement will be interested in technology,computers, UFO phenomena,astrology, new age endeavors, anything futuristic and universal love.

On Friday April 3,2020, Venus(Goddess of love) moves from her governing sign,Taurus into flirtatious, Gemini. This will be a very interesting time for this placement as it will retrograde on May 13,2020, still in Gemini, making it a longer stay then usual. Souls born with this natal placement will need a partner with mental intellect and stimulation. This placement indicated talents with writing, reading and photography.

I also want to mention that on April 4,2020 Jupiter(luck) conjuncts(harmony of energies or aggravation) Pluto(transformation). There will be a few more of these thru out the year creating attention to civil duties,morals, ethics and making big changes through out the year. Progress is coming so don't ever give up hope. Stay safe, healthy and at home. Blessings to each and everyone of you.

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