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Forecast for April 12 -21,2021

We are still on our New Moon in Aries Many of us feel more energetic and more active, and full of vitality and life. Contrary to what people say about using Virgo energy for healthy habits, exercise, and lifestyle changes; an Aries moon brings so much motivation and will power that, here is where success, willpower, and determination can begin. This is a green light for change. Make it happen!

Venus enters Taurus (dignified) on Wednesday, April 14,2021. When Venus is in her governing sign, the energy is all the more powerful. Things become more sophisticated, focused on wealth, money, beauty and the arts. Souls born with this placement will be magnetic, beautiful, and money usually flows freely towards them. The downfall to this placement is possessiveness, jealousy, and stubbornness. Taurus must love with their heads as well as their hearts.

On Monday, April 19,2021 Mercury, the planet of communication moves into practical Taurus. Our communication becomes more about art, esthetics, finances, and the finer things in life. This energy rules the banking industry, the beauty and esthetics world, and the art industry. Souls born with this placement will be attracted to money, the arts, and the finer things in life. Its all about security for these souls.

Later on in the day on April 19 @ 4:33 p.m. EDT, the Sun moves into Taurus. Taurus souls are hard working, strong, and steady. Their motto is " its mine." It is a feminine sign that rules the throat, ears, nose, and thyroid glands. In Jan. 22,2022 the Universal Dragon axis shifts once again into a Taurus/Scorpio energy. Good things are ahead next year for Taurus. Happy Birthday!

On April 12/13/14 there will be some interesting news in regards to finances, money, the arts and beauty. I believe the Chauvin case will finish up this week and justice will be served to Mr. Chauvin as he will be operating on one of his unlucky days. These days are the perfect time for any type on beauty injections such as Botox, and other fillers. Adding any thing to the body is blessed under this waxing moon phase but especially the 13/14.

We have "Days of Caution" for the 17/18/19. We move into a Moonic phase making the energy about the USA, real estate matters, natural disasters, crazy weather, new beginning and endings in all aspects of life. This is all about family, family tragedies, abrupt or forced relocations, and sometimes can signal the start or ending to war. Stay safe!

The next tens days will be filled with a combination of happiness and sadness. Things could get violent depending on how the Chauvin case goes week and other issues. It is a good time to invest in money endeavors, art, and things of beauty or to beatify yourself. Be safe, and enjoy this New Moon energy.


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