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Forecast for April 15 - 21,2019

Its a busy week for the stars this week. We have a Full Moon in Libra/Scorpio on April 19th and I will explain more of that in the next Full moon news letter. Mercury is up first with a sign change from Pisces to Aries on April 17,2019. Communication takes a turn to aggressive and straight forward as Aries is never tactful. The next few weeks is a time to chose your words wisely and have some tact or pay the price. Souls born with this placement will be speed racer. They love the fast pace life and don't know when to slow down. They can achieve greatness using the power of Mercury(communication) for positive communication and the world of danger like investigative journalism and putting actions into plans.

On April 20,2019 Venus moves into fiery Aries also. Not the most positive shift for the powers of love as Aries is aggressive and the animal instinct will come out of many souls at this time ruled by this placement. The very same day the Sun also makes a shift into Taurus and now is the time to enjoy love,beauty, financial endeavors and artistic expression.

We close out the weekend with a deadly Plutonic Full moon and "Days of Caution" on April 19 - 23, 2019. I will elaborate more on this in the Full moon forecast. Have a great week and enjoy the last few days of the waxing moon.


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