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Forecast for April 15 - 24,2020

We begin with "Days of Caution" on April 15/16/17 and the Universe moves into a Uranic energy shift. There will be some shocking news and major government issues with power and authority making the headlines the next few days, be prepared. Uranic energy is all about explosions,release of energy. It also rules the weather systems,electricity,

earthquakes,volcanic eruptions and of course airlines,aeronautics,Space X,NASA, UFO phenomena,technology and science. Some very shocking and negative news is ahead for us as a nation.

On a more positive topic, the Sun sign changes from Aries to Taurus season on April 19,2020. Happy Birthday Taurus! Taurus is a solid,head strong,stubborn and fixed sign. Ruled by Venus, and the 2nd house of the Zodiac,these souls will enjoy the finer things in life. Taurus deals with money,wealth, banking industry,possessions,finances,beauty,fertility, nature, and the arts. They are the bull, and their alchemy/power mineral is copper. Their energy field is " Its mine",and what they possess or own. Their ruling body parts are the neck,throat, and thyroids (5th chakra). They are hard working, loyal,determined, dependable,stable and solid, most of the time. Their downfall is jealousy, and stubbornness.

There is a New Moon on April 22,2020 @ 10:26 p.m EDT. in Taurus. I just love Taurus New Moon. This is a time for beauty, money matters,accumulating more wealth, and improving ones self esteem. Most of us are quarantined right now, so it will be a little hard to get to the salons,medi spas, and have all those services done at this time. Use Taurus/Venus energy for at home pamperings. I will post the New Moon forecast next week.

Magickal Folk: The Moon is in her waning phase and magick to protect,bind, banish and empower ones own personal strengths will be good at this time. The New Moon in Taurus will be the best time for money, love and beauty spells. I will share a money spell with you that I did for a client the last time the Moon was waxing in Taurus.

Have a wonderful week, stay safe, and healthy. Blessings!


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