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Forecast for April 22 - 28,2019

This past Full Moon has been rough on many.Sending prayers to Sri Lanka. They became victim to the past Plutonic energy force, and terrorism rules the past Scorpio moon. This week wont get any better...sorry to be the bearer of bad news but with Jupiter Rx(luck and money slow down),Saturn(government) and Uranus(shocking) all in charge this week its going to be anything but dull.

Taurus Sun has now joined Uranus in Taurus too. Taurus rules finances,economy,beauty,arts and of course earth,throw in Uranus, the ruler of sudden energy release and and you have a recipe for aeronautic disasters, intense weather, electricity,earthquakes,Tsunami, volcanic eruptions, UFOs, and also encounters with malevolent E.T's. Days of Caution will be April 26,27,28th.

Politics and government should make shocking news in some way this week too!

On April 24th Pluto goes retrograde for a five month period. This is the planet of life and death,transformation, and rebirth. In retro motion we need to look deeper into our shadow self. As painful as this may be, major break through is possible but we must first accept what isn't working and grow from there. This is a time re- evaluate bad habits, negative thoughts, and remove what doesn't work anymore.

My best advice for this coming week is fly under the radar and be invisible.Bring as little attention to yourself as possible. Have a great week,be safe. Blessings!

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