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Forecast for April 25 - May 4, 2020

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

We start the weekend off with Pluto moving Rx on April 25,2020. When the planet of intimacy, life,death,transformation, and rebirth moves into retrograde motion, it is a time to review the past few cycles of your life, which would be the seasons fall and winter. Its a time to look at all the changes that have happened since the fall harvest. We have five months to take a deeper look into things, review, regroup, reassess the situation, and once this retrograde is over,Universe will give us the answers that we need.

Mercury enters Taurus on April 27,2020. When the planet of communication moves into down to earth Taurus, things move slower,calmer,and the focus becomes more about domestic matters,materialism, finances,and all things in practicality. Then energy is softened, into a more Venus energy. Souls born with this placement will be all about finances,security, and money matters. They will love to discuss all things related to the energies of Venus ,such as art,beauty, and massage.

We have "Days of Caution" for April 27/28/29. The energy shifts into a Moonic phase. This energy falls right on the U.S.A. and will make headlines one way or another. This energy represents beginnings and ending for people and families. A sudden or drastic shift with the home,real estate issues, families tragedies, and abrupt relocation due to natural disasters, and bad weather. Many changes come during this energy so be careful.

Have a wonderful week ahead and enjoy the New Moon energy. Blessed Be!

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