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Forecast for April 6 - 15,2020

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

A Libra Full Moon on Tuesday, April 7,2020 @ 10:35 p.m EDT. This is also called the Pink Moon or Grass Moon because of the herb,moss pink or wild ground phlox. This flower is pink in color and is said to be "one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring time" where new grass always begins to grow.

Full Moon Forecast:

We have "Days of Caution" for April 8/9/10. We move into deadly Plutonic energy. I have nothing positive to say, except, do not feed fear,follow the laws, stay home, and enjoy your solitude. This energy will bring death,drama, more cyber crimes,police issues, and negative energy all around. The next few days will impose a significant death toll upon the world,and U.S.A. We will have to be strong, and know that the future has better to offer. A purge is happening of the innocent,ignorant, heroic, and the fragile.

Mercury enters Aries on Saturday, April 11,2020. When the planet of communication moves into aggressive Aries, communication is going speed up,get heated with less emotions, especially in politics and within the world of medicine,ruled by this next negative Dragon in Sagittarius. People born with this placement will be action oriented, They are the race car driver, the motorcycle or car mechanic.They like to go fast and will see many speeding tickets in their future. Action and danger are their specialty and if used constructively, they will have great success in the realm of communications and anything dealing with action and adventure.

Magickal Folk: In honor of the Pink Moon and a subtle hint to embrace the energy of "Rose Quartz" which represents universal love,tranquility,feelings of peace,friendship, internal healing, and self -love. Light a white or pink candle, anointed with blessing oil ,sage oil, arch angel oil or a harmony oil ,like Libra oil. Burn incense to correlate with what you want to bring into yourself and for others, and manifest it out into the heavens. Say a pray for your self,family,friends,universal healing and more love and compassion for each other. So mote it be!

The next ten days will be trying and very difficult to watch, both as a nation and the world at large. Stay busy within your home. Take walks,garden,read books,do research,bake or cook,paint,write, play music,dance,sing, and be silly, if you must. Do what ever makes you happy and be thankful for what you have. Send prayers and good thoughts to all of our Dr.s, nurses,medical responders,police, and all those souls out there suffering from pain, and sorrow.


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