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Forecast for April 8 - 14,2019

Jupiter goes retro-grade on April 10th for a four month period.Jupiter is the Lord of Luck but at this time he is creating a period of slowing down or when opportunities don't come as easily,slow down or even come to a complete stop for awhile. Jupiter wants us to rethink things,give clarity,tap into the philosophical,spiritual,and patient side of us.Redirect and plan for when the planet Jupiter turns direct in August and we can proceed forward.

We also have the same day,April10th "Days of Caution" April 10 - 13th. This is a lunar event where beginnings and ends happen.Drastic changes to the home life,weather events and sudden relocation can occur.Even in a waxing moon,one must be careful. The weekend ends in a Leo moon(children,romance) and it is a wonderful time to go out and do something fun with the children like amusement park,going to the zoo or have a romantic dinner with the one you love will all be blessed under these stars.

Have a wonderful week and get out there and laugh,love and live! Blessings )O(

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