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Forecast for Aug.1 -10,2020

We start the week of with "Days of Caution" for August 2,3,4 and we move into Uranic energy phase. The fault lines come alive,volcanoes,weird weather,bizarre and shocking news make headlines. Space X, NASA,UFO, aeronautics,technology, and paranormal info always make headlines too.

The big event is on Monday,Aug 3,2020. We have a Full Moon in Aquarius @ 11:59 a.m. EDT. Things revolving around friendships,social events, clubs,unions or groups.Dreams, and wishes will be the focus this Full Moon. More on the Full Moon in the next newsletter to follow.

Mercury enters the dignified sign of Leo on Tuesday, August 4,2020. Mercury in Leo will create bold statements, and ideas, and couldn't care less what anyone thinks. Souls born with a Mercury in Leo will have very strong opinions, and will have no problem expressing their views, even dramatically if needed. They will make great entertainers, actor and even an entertaining speaker, for they are always in the spot light. They will tell great stories, and be incredible performers on center stage. They must have a job where their creative voice is heard. Soul’s born with Mercury in Leo will make good politicians, spokesperson, group leader, director or coach or any position where they are in the limelight.

The Lion's Gate portal has opened, and from July 28 - Aug.12,2020 (also called Dog Days) this energy will be present. The zenith of this energy will be on Saturday,August 8,2020. This energy happens when the Sun conjuncts Sirius, and they are days of high magickal energy and power. This is where abundance, creativity, expression, and star gates, and vortexes can open. Hawthorne has strong energy linked to Leo but burning Vervain will work just as well in evoking the Sirius energy fields.

Have a great week ahead and enjoy the last few days of the waxing Moon.

Blessed Be!


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