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Forecast for Aug. 19 - 25,2019

This weeks energy is all about Mars, Venus, Mercury and Virgo. We have two planets moving into Virgo this week, and Mercury is set to move on Aug.29. This sets the tone for hard work, serving others, and doing things with perfection and organization.Venus moves into Virgo on Aug.21,2019. People born with this placement will be very critical in affairs of the heart.They will need a more health oriented partner, and if you smoke ,forget it....they hate cigarettes.They will be mindful toward the foods they consume. However,if their Venus is conflicted then it will be the complete opposite, and they will be lazy, booze it up,smoke and eat very badly.

The Sun makes its move out of Leo and into Virgo on Aug. 23,2019. Virgo is all about service to the world,health and well being. Good time to get check ups,fine tune our diet for better health and exercise. This energy happening now is the perfect time for any transformations with health and diet.

There isn't really any Days of Caution this week but between the 21st -23rd you will see a hit to the economy and very fragile stock market with the moon waning in Taurus it is more about purchasing second hand items at this time. DO NOT INVEST NOW!

Magickal Folk: The Moon is waning now so magic done for releasing bad habits and promoting better health, binding, releasing and writing in a journal will be important now. I

had someone ask me the other day when is it good to do "Protection Spells" and the answer is ANYTIME. Protection spells can be done in any moon phase,especially if you evoke the hierarchy Angels. I will try to do a spell video this week using the Arch Angel Michael Angel oils I sell on my website for protection and how using them to help aide in protection is very powerful.

Have a blessed and safe week everyone. And dont forget to check out my website special

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