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Forecast for Aug. 20 - 26th,2018

                          This week will bring some much needed happiness to everyone's world. A few trine's make for a happy time ahead. On Aug.23rd we have the Sun moving into Virgo. Happy Birthday Virgo! With the Sun in Virgo it is time to organize ourselves and be more practical about things and be more down to earth. Dieting,cleansing and even juicing are all blessed under these stars.

                        We have some days of caution to look out for this week and next. Aug.22 - 27 we have a heavily influenced week by Uranus, Saturn,Neptune and Uranic phase starts.Shocking news, crazy weather, earthquakes, volcano's,UFO news, aeronautics, NASA and space news and of course the strange and down right bizarre will make the headlines.

                         A grand -trine( when 3 planet are the same distance from each other) between Virgo Sun,Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn happens on Aug. 25th and then a Full Moon in Pisces on Aug.26th makes for some spiritual epiphanies  and its the perfect time to see your psychic,astrologer,tarot reader and mystic. Paranormal investigating is great under this realm and our dreams become vivid. The energy will be mostly positive in nature this week and to all my UFO hunters,stargazing is a must this weekend as UFOS & E.T's rule this Aquarian moon.Have a great week everyone.

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