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Forecast for Aug.21 -31,2020

The Sun will enter Virgo on Aug.22,2020. Happy Birthday to ALL Virgo's! Virgo energy is all about organization,order,health matters,critical thinking,and textiles. Virgo is a feminine sign, ruled by the planet Mercury, and is the 6th house (health & service to the world) of the zodiac. They rule the nervous system,and intestines.

Virgo's are hard working, strive for perfection in all that they do. They have keen attention to detail, excellent office skills, and you may even find them in the world of health. They can organize just as well as they criticize. Their lesson in this lifetime is to realize that no one is perfect, not even them or they will find themselves very lonely because of their high critical nature.

We have "Days of Caution" for August 23,24,25 and it will be Plutonic in nature. Expect death,drama, wake up calls, and chaos to plague the news. This energy always takes a famous soul, and the police,CIA,FBI,secret service will be on high alert. Even in a waxing phase, this energy can get nasty, and we will see rapist,murders and all mans evil come to life Cyber crime,sex crimes, and even major wake up calls for us are possible. Stay alert,stay out of large crowds, check bank acct s, do not go anywhere unknown to you. Hang out with friends you know well, lay low and still have a good time with out getting burned by the stars.

Magickal Folk: When the Moon slips into Scorpio this week, it will be a good time for all divination work,tarot,spells for money, investments, and sexual health will all be blessed under this energy. Make some Magick!

Wishing everyone a wonderful remainder to August. Enjoy the last dog days of Summer, be safe, and make some magick.

Blessed Be!

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