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Forecast for Aug.26 - Sept.1,2019

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

We have a New Moon, Sun sign change and a Mercury shift this week. The planets in charge this week are Sun,Mercury, Venus and a Triple Trine with Mars, Venus and Uranus.The start of the week there is a feeling of freedom,and a time of new relationships and even old ones reappearing in your life. Don't take any risks at this time as the moon is waning.

On August 29,2019 Mercury moves into its Governess of Virgo, and is finally at home. Communication will be strong, and analytical thinking will be right on the mark. We have lots of Virgo energy happening this week and many of us will be inclined to clean house, sort out the clutter and make our environment more sterile and clean.

Souls born with a Mercury in Virgo will be very concerned with health matters,textiles or clothing, homeopathic medicine,and plants.They will possess attention to detail and be very good writers,and communicators;especially in the world of health and medicine. Their downfall will be too overly critical,opinionated,and not being able to realize that no one is perfect, not even them. This is the perfectionist of the zodiac and they are the hardest on them selves. So Virgo, please give yourself a BIG pat on the back and be happy.

The New Moon in Virgo is on Aug.30,2019 @ 6:37 a.m EDT. This new moon energy will get you focused on writing,communications, your work environment,health matters and being more grounded and efficient.Good luck might even come in the realm of work and health. New beginnings are abundant now. I will post the New Moon Forecast by house and sign later in the week.

On a more serious note, if you could please indulge my natal Pluto(transformation) in Virgo

( health to our planet) and say a healing prayer for Brazil. Not only is it the "LUNGS" of our planet but my grandmothers birth place and I thank God she isn't alive to see the destruction for it would bring tears to her eyes.

Have a wonderful week,be safe and blessings.

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