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Forecast for Aug.5 -11, 2019

This week promises to bring several surges of energy, both positive and negative. Lets begin with the negative, as if the news could get any worse here in the United States with the latest El Paso,Texas shooting and now the Dayton,Ohio shooting. May God bless all those lost souls who perished. My heart just breaks as it broke last weekend too, in my own neck of the woods (Gilroy,California). This world has become polluted with infected souls, and it will get worse before it gets better.

We start the week with "Days of Caution" August 6, 7, 8 and we enter the Plutonic phase. This phase will bring more death, drama, and secrets to light. This is the energy that takes the rich and famous,death news,dramatic news,Russia, CIA,FBI, mafia and police always make headlines ,positive and negative. Lucky we are in a waxing Moon phase so things won't be as deadly but still very dramatic. This energy is very sexual and in its positive can be a very sexy time for you and your lover but if single beware when in bars,nightclubs, and unfamiliar surroundings because waxing or waning their are Plutonic souls waiting to feed on your weaknesses. Have fun but beware.Knowledge is power!

Mercury goes direct on Aug.6,2019 and please remember before questioning me that I do not practice Modern Astrology but an ancient 16th century Nostradamus method.August 11,2019 is full of action. We start off with Jupiter going direct.This means gaining money will come much easier now, and prosperity, abundance ,and dreaming big will flourish.

August 11,2019 also brings Mercury(Messenger of the Gods) into Leo for the next 6 weeks. This is a great time for promoting yourself,business or careers but try to remain humble as the Jupiter energy can make some of us "show off's" and produce arrogance and not letting others have their say also.

Souls born with a Mercury in Leo will express their view very dramatically.When ever you have the planet of communication in a dignified sign such as Leo,you will have souls with strong opinion. They are usually very creative, wonderful performers, and entertaining speaker that will embellish or exaggerate at times in order to get their point across. They must have a say or have creative control or they will not be happy. Soul’s born with Mercury in Leo will make good politicians, spokesperson, group leader, director or coach.

Even with us going into this week in a waxing moon phase our hearts are very heavy.The cosmic matrix is broken and evil reigns supreme. Please try to remember that we all bleed red, no matter what race, religion,creed,or gender. May Great Spirit protect the enlightened. Blessings!

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