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Forecast for Aug. 6 -12 2018

We have two sign changes,a new moon and a new planet going retrograde this week. On Aug. 6, 2018: Venus moves into Libra on this day and with the planet of love in its own sign we should see the softer gentler side of people this week. Souls born with this placement will have one of the most beautiful placements in the zodiac. This placement produces great psychologists, interior designers,astrologers and are truly devoted to helping others.They represent balance and harmony and are usually beautiful and care deeply for the ones they love.

On Aug,7,2018 Uranus turns retrograde for the next 5 months. This will give us time to think back on past mistakes or issues and see where we went wrong. This reveals hidden messages we didn't see before because now we have hidden messages revealed and there for us to breakdown and get in tune with our deep intuition and even our subconscious mind. Meditation is strongly advised at this time. Don't let old emotional hang ups suppress you.

New Moon in Leo on August 11, 2018 brings new endeavors,beginnings and the things that bring you the most joy. This is also a powerful new moon as a partial solar eclipse is to follow that same day making it all that more intense.Even in this new moon energy it is a time to rest,reevaluate,regroup and wait until Mercury has gone direct on Aug. 18th before signing contracts,making plans or launching new business endeavors.

Last but not least is Mars (Rx) moves back into Capricorn(discipline) and this is the best placement for Mars ( impatience and aggression) to be as it becomes more disciplined.This energy will be felt by many making many of us a powerhouse in the fields we love especially if your born with it on a natal level. Have a wonderful week and stay tuned for the New moon forecast in a few days. xoxo

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