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Forecast for August 12 - 18,2019

The main event this week will be the Full Moon is Aquarius On Aug.15,2019 @ 8:29 a.m.

The next few weeks will be about humanitarianism,friendships, and social circles. I will post more about this in the two week forecast.

On Saturday, August 17th Mars enters Virgo and our actions become less aggressive, and active, and more disciplined,focused and detail oriented. Souls born with this placement will be perfectionists.They will be geared towards organization,medical careers, and strive for accuracy and perfection. This can be a down side for added stress on your health, and driving your co-workers crazy. No one is perfect ,not even you.

We have "Days of Caution" Aug. 13, 14, 15 and the winds change to a Uranic tone. Uranic phases always awaken Mother Earth. So earthquakes,tornadoes, explosions, volcanic eruptions,crazy,weather,electrical storms, aeronautics, and electrical issues are common. We will hear shocking and bizarre news, and of course UFOS,Space X, extraterrestrials, The Stars or Cosmos will make headlines.

PLEASE NOTE: Most mass shootings usually happen in these stars. The Las Vegas massacre happened in an Uranic phase (shocking,sudden release of energy), the El Paso and Dayton shooting happened in Plutonic phase ( death,drama,evil energy), and the one in Gilroy , California happened in a Moonic phase.(beginning and endings of life) And the energy is there for 5 days.The dates I give you are the ones at their highest strength but a day before and a day after the energy is still there. So please stay safe everyone.

Magickal Folk: The Full moon in Aquarius is the perfect time to do spell work for making new friends and finding new friendships,freedom spells, and spells dealing science,electricity and even quantum leaping for those into astral projection.Healing spells of the circulatory system,blood, ankles, and calves.

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