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Forecast for Dec. 10 - 16, 2018

Its time to take a few minutes for yourself this week. The holiday hustle and bustle has left some of you frazzled. There's only a few things happening on the celestial front this week. We start with Mercury moving into Sagittarius once again on Dec.12, making us very chatty, philosophical, adventures and our minds tend to become expansive and generous with the ones we love. Stay on budget and try not to get caught up in the season to the point of going in debt.

The Uranic phase is here once again and news from NASA,Space X, UFO's ,aeronautics,crazy weather,earthquakes,volcano's, earth changes,electronics, computers, the strange and bizarre and of course Shocking News will make the headlines in some way. Here are your "Days of Caution" Dec. 9 -14th. Luckily we are in a waxing moon phase and it will be a perfect time to purchase electronics on 10,11,12 (Aquarian moon). Get a mani or pedicure on 13,14,15 or buy some new shoes as it will be a Pisces moon and it rules the feet. The weekend will land on an Aries waxing Moon and many will feel adventurous and active. Physical fitness and competitive sports are all blessed under this moon energy.

Have a wonderful and safe week ahead.


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