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Forecast for Dec.16 - 22,2019

We have two sign changes, a season's change, and a Plutonic phase happening this week. The planets in charge this week are Mercury, Venus, and Pluto. On Friday, Dec.20 we have Venus moving into Aquarius. When the planet of love joins forces with the sign of humanity and universal love we will experience and encounter the true spirit of Christmas. I believe there are more good, then bad in this world and we will see humidity help their fellow man with acts of random kindness. Souls born with a Venus in Aquarius will be interested in technology, electronics, UFO's, paranormal, New Age studies, and music. They will attract unusual and bizarre people into their lives. They are very non judgemental and care deeply about humanity. The only downfall here would be if Venus is afflicted, then we have a soul who wants to explore strange and bizarre sexual endeavors, orgys, sex cults and all forms of sexual deviance.

The Sun changes signs on Saturday, Dec.21 into Capricorn. It is officially goat season! And lots of changes in 2020 are happening for Capricorn. Capricorn is the ruler of the 10th house. Its all about career,status or public standing,accomplishments and respect. Capricorns driven energy for success will help all of us by house and sign to achieve more but you must put in the work as this is one of the hardest working signs in the zodiac and are rewarded later in life by good karma as their ruling planet is Saturn.

On the same day, December 21st@ 8:19 PM PST Winter Solstice begins. The seasons change once again. The days are short and the nights are longer. This is one of the oldest Winterfest Pagan celebration of Winter Solstice (also known as Yule). From Pagan Rome, Celtic Ireland and Scotland , to the Norsemen of Scandinavia, to our Native American brothers.All of these nationalities celebrated in their own tribal ways. They all honor "the return of the Sun." They all made bonfires,celebrated with drink, wines, ales, cakes, and told stories or drummed and danced. Before religion, we all represented "One Earth,One People", no matter what part of the world we came from or the color of our skin. OUR ANCESTORS WHERE ALL PAGAN! Blessed Yule to everyone.

We end the week with a Plutonic phase, and the "Days of Caution" are Dec. 21/22/23. Spending time with family at home or at a quite restaurant will be best. Bad outcomes can happen when we adventure out into new places,surroundings,bars,clubs,and even dates. The news will be generally negative as this energy fuels serial killers, rapists, terrorism, death, drama, police, CIA, FBI, even Russia news and the rich and famous always make the news, usual about death. Cyber attacks are common too, so beware. Trust no one and watch your words.

Magickal Folk: All my witches out there"Have a Blessed Yule." Every witch has their own traditions for Yule. This is the perfect time for any and all shadow working.This Solstice falls under a waning Moon phase, and shadow working to help see the darker side of us, and how we can improve ourselves will be favored. Banishing, binding and even hexing is all blessed under these stars. We must rid yourselves of what ever addictions,phobias,angers, hurts or even toxic people who aren't serving your greater good.....they must go. Release and move forward into a new year and decade. Blessed Be!

Have a safe week ahead everyone!

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