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Forecast for Dec.2 -8,2019

The planets that govern this week are Neptune, Mars, Venus and the Uranic phase with "Days of Caution" on Nov.30, Dec.1,2. Uranic energy is all about shocking news,the bizarre, UFOS, E.Ts, Space X, NASA, weird and erratic weather, volcanic eruptions,earthquakes, nukes, and earth changes. Hopefully, the New Moons energy wont make things as dramatic as past Uranic Phases. But look at the news the past 48 hrs. Stabbings at London Bridge(shocking) UFO crash in Oregon(Space News,UFOS) and the crazy weather all over the world(Weather,Earth changes).

Jupiter moves into Capricorn on Monday,Dec.2,2019 and remains there until Dec. 2020. Much better days are ahead for Capricorns. The Dragon has been kicking their ass for the past year and longer with Pluto,Saturn and the Dragons Tail dancing in their 1st house.The universe shifts as Jupiter will conjunct Saturn for all of December, making for better opportunities and positive changes after such struggles these past few years.

Souls born with a Capricorn in Jupiter will strive for higher education and public standing. The will excel in foreign lands, and with foreigners,and traditional education. Many with this placement will be physicians, lawyers, judges, and political figures. The key word for this placement is they need honor and respect. This placement as a tendency to dismiss the metaphysical and all things unproven. The young soul will stick with the tried and true and what the good book and mundane laws state. The advanced soul will explore other cultures,lifestyles and see the world thru different eyes.

If your buying Xmas gifts this holiday season,buy them in accordance with the stars. Tues and Wed. we move into a Pisces Moon and anything bought for the feet (shoes, mani, pedis,new nail polish and alcohol) and metaphysical, psychic needs will be blessed. Thursday, Friday ,Saturday will be all about purchasing firearms, bullets, knifes, swords, and cutlery as Mars and Aries rule weapons of battle and war. If bought under the right stars, they will bring you years of protection but if bought in a waning Moon phase you will have to use those weapons to save your life or even worse,used on you to kill you. Universal Laws are very real. We close out the week on Sunday and into Monday with a beautiful Venus/Taurus moon. Anything bought now for beauty(day spa,hair salon,medi spa,botox,fillers etc.),appearance,arts and new clothing will be blessed under these stars and you will find the best deals on make up and beauty supplies.

Magickal Folk: This week we are working with the energies of Water/Pisces and intuition,clairvoyance, contacting the spirit world, and high magic. Spells for more psychic abilities,scrying,crystal gazing,tarot,astrology and pendulum work are all blessed under this energy.Healing of the feet and lymph nodes is good too. mid week it will be all about spells for action, healing for the brain and head,such as migraines etc. This energy is all about making things happen and settings plans into action. Aries/Mars are in control so use it to your advantage.

Have a blessed and safe week everyone.Blessed Be!

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