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Forecast for Dec. 23 -29,2019

The big event this week will be the Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Capricorn on Thursday(Jupiter's Day) Dec.26,2019 @ 12:23 a.m EST and 12/25 @ 9:23 on the West Coast. The solar Eclipse takes place at 10:01 p.m PDT on the West Coast. Most of us will sleep right thru this event as it will only be visible in India,Arabian Peninsula, Indonesia and South Pacific areas. I will give the forecast by house and sign in my next news letter. Christmas falls when the Moon is at its darkest and may make many of us somewhat sad and less festive then Holidays of the past.

Mercury moves into Capricorn on Saturday,Dec.28,2019. We now have an intense stellium energy of six planets,including the Dragons tail in Capricorn.We have Pluto,Saturn,Mercury,Jupiter, Moon, and Sun. Souls born with any of these planets will feel this intensely, as karma and Saturn begin to repay their children both positive and negative for all the good and bad they have done in life. Please remember, Capricorn/Saturn is The Devil of the zodiac and Tarot. The Devil isn't always bad, contrary to indoctrinated upbrings.Sometimes he just wants you to see your "shadow self" and your own undoing and self -defeat. In Ancient Astrology there is an old saying "Better to ride the Devil ,then let the Devil ride you." I'm in no way saying to worship the Devil but realize that with everything, there is positive and negative. The Devils positives are "I use",structure,discipline,hard work, and public standing but the Devil in the negative is " I abuse" though manipulative, abusive,fearful, and cunning powers.

Souls born with Mercury in Capricorn will be the most rational and down to earth. Practical is their middle name. Capricorn is the "Engineer of the Zodiac." It rules politics, structure, snobbery,wealth, The Royal Family, and classical music. This placement makes for very productive souls. They are all about rational thought and making things happen with their powerful thought process. However, my fellow Capricorns, you have a fishtail that can be seen from many centuries ago thru ancient architecture (not a mandela effect) but a lost period in time. Capricorns of the old where great Metaphysicians who used both rational thought, Higher Consciousness and mystical powers to achieve greatness.

Magickal Folk: These are the darker days before the New Moon and very little magic should be practiced except things to bind,banish and hex. However, on the New Moon 12/29/19 (in Capricorn) this is the perfect time for spell work to better your career,ambitions, organize,recognitions, public standings, accomplishments and even political endeavors. Any healing rituals for the skin,bones,knees, and teeth will be blessed under this energy. Doing the mojo bag is also a great way to kick off this Solar new moon energy.

Have a wonderful week. Wishing everyone a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Festivus to the rest. Season Greetings!

Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

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