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Forecast for Dec.6 - 15th,2020

We start things off with "Days of Caution" for Dec. 10/11/12 where the universe enters a Plutonic phase. This will be a very deadly turn of events, death,drama, terrorism, wake up calls for many, and phases of life change, quickly. Russian news, sex, porn, and rape news, police make headlines along with FBI,CIA, secret service news. Steer clear of large gatherings, dark alleys, blind dates, cyber crimes, and trust "no one" in this energy. Lay low, speak less, and observe more if you wanna survive this phase of celestial negative energy.

The Big event is the Solar Eclipse, New Moon both in Sagittarius on Monday, December 14 @ 11:17 a.m. EST. The eclipse itself begins at 6:33 a.m. MST and lasts until about 11:53 a.m. MST. It will be visible over Antarctica, and parts of South America, central Africa, the southern Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, Northern India and South Central China. A partial eclipse will be seen over most of Asia, Africa, South and East Europe, northern Australia and parts of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

This will be especially lucky for all Sun signs in Sagittarius. If you are born within three days prior, and three days after this event, this coming year will bring something exciting and lucky into your life. More on this in the New Moon Forecast on the 14th.

On Tuesday, December 15,2020 Venus, the Goddess of Love moves into fiery Sagittarius. This is where affairs of the heart and finances take a positive turn. Adventure is in the air, and short trips, and advanced education will be blessed. Souls born with this placement will be prone to traveling to foreign lands, and places. They are the natural born philosophers. They will have a strong love for animals, especially horses. These souls will be intellectually stimulated and, love knowledge, teaching, and education.

Have a wonderful week ahead, be safe, stay out of trouble and enjoy the holiday season.


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