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Forecast for Feb. 11- 17, 2019

The beginning of the week takes on some aggressive,explosive and fiery energy on Feb.13 as a conjunction occurs between Uranus and Mars. Expect violence,social unrest and chaos to happen somewhere in the world at large.With the Dragon hunting certain countries USA,United Kingdom and France could all make the headlines this week.

Happy Valentines Day! Mars moves into Taurus on Feb.14,2019 making positive changes in regards to finances and love. Souls born with this placement will be practical, steady, reach balance and harmony. This is a great position for Mars to be as you will be less prone to rash decisions and take things slow and steady, just like the bull is capable of doing.

As stated in my last newsletter, Feb.10th Mercury moved into Pisces and this can spell trouble for many with miscommunication,misunderstandings and some may feel like they are in a daze or very sleepy. I'm already noticing this energy effecting some souls, so speak clearly and slowly and avoid miscommunications with people.

Wishing everyone a blessed week ahead!

Dragons Tale, Scotland

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