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Forecast for Feb.12 - 22,2021

We started the week off with the Chinees New Year and the Year of the Ox on Feb.12,2021.Souls born in the year of the Ox are considered strong, patient, kind, very methodical, and reliable. They truly value their friends.

February 14th is Valentine's Day and it moves into the Moon sign of Aries. We will feel amours, adventurous, and the vibe will be lovely all around. My Valentine's Day specials for 2/13 - 2/25 "The Compatibility Chart." I use Nostradamus 16th century method of Astrology, combining two birthdays ,and incorporate synastry to see if he/she is Mr./Ms. right now, Karmic relations or Soul mate connection.

We have "Days of Caution" for the 16/17/18 bringing some very intense energy with it. Not only is this energy taking on a Plutonic tone but we also have Saturn, Uranus square (tension, challenges) in Aquarius making matters more volatile, explosive, angry and aggressive. be careful, sit back and observe but DO NOT GET INVOLVED.

The Sun will enter dreamy, and intuitive Pisces on Thursday, February 18,2021. Sun in Pisces is a karmic sign just like Capricorn. Pisces is one of the most difficult sign in the zodiac due to past karmic residue. Pisces are urged to reach for the stars and higher consciousness instead of getting involved with religion. As the saying goes "swim up stream towards the light." Use your intuition and spirituality to guide you for it will never let you down.

This will be a very interesting week. We may be in a waxing Moon phase but with a stellium of five planets(Jupiter, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Saturn) in Aquarius, expect the unexpected, and the shocking to happen. Be safe. and have a wonderful week.

Blessed be! Linda

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