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Forecast for Feb.16 - 25,2020

Mighty Mars enters Capricorn on Sunday, February 16,2020. Where ever this planet lands by house and sign will give you added drive,determination, and ambition to achieve your goals.This is an excellent placement for Mars(fiery) to be, as Capricorn brings a more structured and disciplined scenario. Souls born with this placement will be interested in mechanics,science, and engineering. They are likely to serve in the military or government. This is all about structured power, like a corporal or general. A strong desire within the realm of politics is possible.

The Sun leaves freedom loving Aquarius and moves into sensitive Pisces on Tuesday, Feb.18,2020. The next month will bring us feelings of kindness and compassion. We seem more emotional,artistic and have more sensitivity to things. This energy can also bring out the opposite side of Pisces and create a form of escapism into the euphoria of drugs and alcohol.

Days of Caution are Feb. 20/21/22/23 and we move into Uranic Energy. This energy always brings bizarre,strange,paranormal, volcanic eruptions,earthquakes (big ones), sever weather,electrical issues,aeronautical,Space X,UFOS, space, and shocking news in general. Things that are unfathomable can happen in this energy. The mass shooting in Las Vegas in 2017 is a prime example of shocking and unfathomable events.Kobe Bryant's death was the same energy phase also. DO NOT FLY IN THIS ENERGY!

We have a Pisces New Moon on Sunday, Feb.23,2020. This energy shift is all about intuition, new beginnings, healthy starts, spiritual endeavors, and the release of bad habits. This New Moon is the perfect time to give attention to the shoes,pedicures,music, and arts are all blessed under this energy. Since Pisces rules booze, this is also a good time to stock up on alcohols as you will find great sales now.

The next ten days will be difficult for many. As the Plutonic phase energy weakens and phases out; the Uranic energy starts, and the moon is waning so things tend to get negative by nature and we are in Mercury Rx, making things all the more confusing and stressful. Make good choices,watch your words,stay in tune with the energies around you. You don't have to crawl into a shell. Infact, Uranic energy is the perfect time for star gazing and UFO watching.Have a great week ahead and reach for the stars.

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