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Forecast for Feb.18-24,2019

Our intuition will be on fire when the Sun moves from Aquarius to Pisces on Feb.18th,2019. Your intuition will be on alert and emotions will run high. Time to ground thyself in order to keep control will be the key to this energy. We have a Super Moon(at zero degrees) on Feb.19, 2019 in Virgo@ 10:54 A.M est. This is a time of endings and a red light to regroup, refocus and prepare for the next New Moon. Virgo energy is the perfect time to set health issues into place. Spells for eating better,exercise and general good health will be blessed under this energy.

Our intuition will be on fire and we must listen to our gut feelings. We have "Days of Caution" to close out the weekend starting on Feb. 22 - 26th, 2019. Stay away from large crowds,check bank accounts, lay low and stay with the well know. Do not try out new night clubs,restaurants or big events at this time and be reluctant on the people you meet at this time for they may not have the best of intentions for you. The police,FBI,CIA will be busy and make headlines.Death of the famous is common too. Secrets always are reviled with this energy and I think we will end the weekend on a rather violent note. Watch the news!

Have a safe and blessed week and my advice for the weekend is hanging out at home with the people you love. Blessings!

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