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Forecast for Feb.25-March 3rd

We start the week still in the energy of the Plutonic phase for a few more days as stated in my previous newsletter.

On March 1st Venus moves into independent Aquarius making us want to rid ourselves of the old and ring in the new. Souls born with this placement will be all about universal love,originality, freedom, and magnetism.This placement is non judging, free loving, group efforts, and are usually involved in some way with New Age,UFOS, and Astrology. The negative traits to this placement if the stars are conflicted is group sex, orgies, and kinky sexual acts and experiences.However, what one may consider negative maybe the norm for the other. No judgement!

We close out the weekend on March 2 - 6 with a Uranic phase and the "Days of Caution." Shocking news is ahead, earth movements,weather ,aeronautics,UFO, bizarre, strange and unexplained can happen. I will post more in my next forecast. Have a great week as this waning phase will be difficult for many.


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