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Forecast for Feb.26 - March 6,2020

February gets and extra day this year thanks to Leap Year on the 29th. Every four years an extra day is added to the Gregorian calendar,having 366 days in the year instead of the usual 265. Many numerologists believe it is a lucky year, and when the energies are vibrating on a higher frequency bringing with it compassion, love, excitement, optimism, and seeking higher consciousness and spiritual endeavors along the way. We have a whole year to find out and I'm hoping when Saturn(karmic) moves into Aquarius(Universal love and rebellion) on March, 21,2020 the energy shifts and leaves conservative Capricorn for a more progressive, think outside the box manta.We wont see the full effect of this until the Dragon's tail leaves Capricorn on May,5,2020.

We have "Days of Caution" for March 3/4/5. This is Moonic energy and the U.S.A will be in the spot light.Many lives will see the beginnings and endings. Abrupted relocations and family heartbreak,natural disasters ,earthquakes, and bad weather come with this energy. Matters involving Real Estate, hospitality and family are on the agenda, along with endings of certain phases of our own lives both positive and negative.

Mercury Rx moves into Aquarius on March 4, and we come out of the fog of being in Pisces.Mercury does so much better in level headed Aquarius and communication improves somewhat. We are still in retrograde until March 15,2020. Souls born with Mercury in Aquarius are the natural born genius of the Zodiac. They will be involved with anything scientific,technology,space,UFOS,New Age matters(astrology). These souls have high intuition and intelligence in spades.

The very same day,Venus moves into one of her governing sign Taurus. Venus is the Goddess of love so the energy will be all about love,beauty,the arts,finances, and spending money on aesthetics. Visiting your hair salons, buying new make up, new wardrobe, massages,and this is the perfect time if your into fillers and injections like Botox,Restylane, and other medi- spa services.The Moon is waxing now so better to have things added to the body then removed.The stock markets always make the news or some sort of financial issue.

Souls born with a Venus in Taurus will be very beautiful,magnetic, and the money will flow much easier with this placement. They usually have a lovely singing voices,like Adele. They prefer romantic settings with decadent food, drink, intimate settings and lots of pleasure.The only down fall to this placement is not letting go of the past, what ever that may be. The are very possessive and jealous and think more from the heart the using the head sometimes.

Enjoy the next ten days of the Waxing Moon phase. Invest some time in yourself, your looks,new clothes, eat chocolate, have champagne, and be happy.

Have a blessed week!

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