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Forecast for Feb.6-15,2020

We begin the week with "Days of Caution" as stated in my last news letter,

The "Days of Caution" are February 5/6/7. The U.S.A will be in the news(impeachment).Donald trumps Lucky Dragon Days for this month are Feb.3/4/5 and he was acquitted because of the natal power of his Dragon.. His negative days will be Feb.15/16/17. Its all about beginnings and endings for many souls. High emotions, family matters and even tragedies, start and end wars or arguments. Issues with Real Estate,food industry, and many unplanned scenarios for many. The weather tends to turn deadly and more natural disasters are common.

On Feb. 7, Venus,the planet of love moves into aggressive Aries for the next four weeks. Everything begins to be all about thy self, your needs and wants. These two are always in opposition with each other. Souls born with this placement will be in too action,danger, rock and roll (metal), motorcycles,muscle cars,hot rods, When masculin energy dances with feminine energy ,the ladies love the long haired ,wild man and the men love the fiery, ride or die lady by his side. They are competitive and you will find these souls creating art work for harleys or race cars. these souls definitely learn by trial and error.

We have a beautiful Leo Full Moon on Sunday, February 9,2020 at 2:33 a.m EST. This is the first SuperMoon of the year. This energy will be all about love, romance, children,creativity, pleasure,joy and entertainment. This is a very hedonistic placement as Leo loves good times,celebration, pleasure and joy. The energies are making a harmonious angle to the Moon. This is the perfect time to deal with affairs of the heart, children issues, leadership roles, tapping into your creative side, and successful endings as we enter the waning Moon phase.

The very same day Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces, the planet of deception,illusions,dreams, escapism, intuition and divine spirit (Divine Astrology). Modern Astrology suggests that it Rx on Feb.16,2020 and use terms like foreshadows or preshadows but Divine Astrology teaches us that we start the Mercury Rx season on Feb.9,2020. This will last until March 15,2020 creating all sorts of havoc on the planet. Anything dealing with travel,transportation,car accidents,traffic jams, chain reaction events, electronics, delays,tragedy,wind,birds, and communication in general, misunderstandings and being misunderstood. Now is the time to be crystal clear with your instructions, with direction, and information. Repeat and make sure you have it right. Avoid traveling if at all possible, do not purchase new cars, (used is ok) or sign major contracts during this time. I will post the Dos's and Don'ts of Mercury Rx along with my Full Moon forecast in the next newsletter. February 14th brings Valentine's Day, originally a Roman festival of Lupercalia held in mid-February.It was the celebration of Spring time,fertility and renewal.

For all my Magickal Folk , Leo Full Moons are all about love,strength,dominance, the children,power, and pleasure.Love and lust spells, protection of children, childbirth, and ailments of the back, spine or heart, including mending a broken heart are all blessed for magick under these stars. Also spells for bearing children and fertility, even though Leo is considered a barren sign it rules children and can be very powerful in spells for this purpose and need.

Have a wonderful week and be safe.Blessings! AW

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