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Forecast for Jan.1 - 11,2021

Happy New Year to all my readers, followers, and clients. As we leave 2020 in the past, we will have some challenges in 2021 and Covid will be around for the entire year, again. Continue to follow your own holistic protocol and wear your mask, wash your hands, social distance, and ingest immunity rich foods and vitamins such as Vitamin C, and elderberry.

On Wednesday, Jan.6,2021 Mars(planet of action) moves from it's governing sign, Aries into Taurus. The energy shifts into action related to finances, banking, beauty, and aesthetics. Wait until the New Moon before investing or having any cosmetic procedures done. Souls born with this placement will be practical, patient, and steady. They may love guns, knives and jewelry. This placement can signify successful financial investors and even musical endeavors.

Mercury(communication) enters futuristic Aquarius on Friday, January 8,2021. Our communication turns to technologies, scientific endeavors and New Age matters. Soul's born with this placement have natural born consciousness. They are highly intelligent, and geared towards endeavors dealing with science, technology, UFO phenomena, inventions and always thinking outside the box. They are the "natural born genius" of the zodiac.

The very same day, Jan.8,2020 Venus(Goddess of love) moves into Capricorn. Here is where love takes on more practical, serious, and business like tone. Soul's with this natal placement will be very practical, and intelligent. They are attracted to people of power and prestige and if the Venus is afflicted this can create the gold digger.

We close out the week with "Days of Caution" for Jan. 7/8/9 and we enter another Plutonic phase. Pluto energy is all about death, drama, sex, porn, terrorism, secrets exposed, police are on high alert and can kill you. Many will experience some sort of epiphany or wake up call, and rich and famous make headlines with death news. As always...Im going to give you my same old speech under this energy. Stay way from large gatherings or crowds. Check all bank accounts and credit cards for cyber crimes against you. Do not go to unfamiliar places. It would be best to sit tight, lay low and enjoy the comforts of your home.

I will be posting my "Predictions 2021" tomorrow, and as promised, I am running many specials for the new year, along with clearance items at 50% to 60% off.

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Wishing all you a wonderful, happy, healthy ,and safe New Year. Many Blessings.


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