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Forecast for Jan.13 - 19,2020

We start of the week with Venus moving into dreamy,intuitive, and sensitive Pisces on January 13, 2020 This will be a nice change as humans will feel more love,compassion ,and empathy but do try to use some logic as Neptune can be deceitful too.

Souls born with a Venus in Pisces will be all about unconditional love. They will put others before themselves, and be drawn to the performing arts and acting.The downfall here can be illusions and deception if the soul chooses to remain ungrounded.

On January 16,2020 Mercury enters futuristic Aquarius for the next three weeks. Lots of communication begins now. Meeting new people is common and expanding social circles. Topics of the strange and unusual could make headlines soon.

Souls born with a Mercury in Aquarius are considered the Genius of the Zodiac, according to Ancient Astrologers. People born with this placement will be successful on topics of UFOs, aeronautics, electronics, technology, New Age,Astrology, universal love and futuristic endeavors. Their mind is working with high intuition and the ability to tap into the realm of higher consciousness and the universal mind on a level few can comprehend.

We close out the weekend with "Days of Caution" for Jan. 17/18/19 as the universe moves into a Plutonic phase. This is a time when things take on a very dark energy. News of death,drama,sex,murder,terrorism,rape, cyber crimes, and rich and famous make headlines. This energy rules the police,CIA,FBI, secret service,MOB and Russia. However, to be honest,ever since the lunar eclipse the energy has been off. Between war and the economy, I foresee this Dragons tail axis in Capricorn to leave with a vengeance. Saturn is a slow moving planet and will slowly but surely show its karmic hand to the world at large.

This weekend is a time to lay low,keep a low profile and watch your words and your bank accounts.. Stay out of large crowds and avoid the chaos that comes from this negative energy approaching. Enjoy time at home with family, watching movies, baking or cooking, and with the moon waning its a good time to sort out all the clutter,donate to charity and clean up. be safe, follow the Universal laws of the Moon and live to tell.

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