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Forecast for Jan.18 - 31,2021

Uranus went direct on Jan. 14 after a five month shift of drastic changes, and shocking events. We will still be shocked by Uranus but these past few months have conditioned many of us to always expect the unexpected.

We begin Aquarius season on Jan.19,2021 as the Sun moves from Capricorn into Aquarius. Happy Birthday Aquarius! This new energy will focus on humanitarian efforts, technology, T.V. science, aeronautical endeavors, space X or NASA, global awareness, shocking events both positive and negative, and of course, universal love, and group energies. This also creates an instant stellium of Jupiter (luck), The Sun (Soul), Mercury (mental process), and Saturn(karma) all in Aquarius.

This brings me to "Days of Caution" I feel the entire damn month is under an negative energy. I said that Nov, Dec, and Jan. would be bad but I think its peak is on Jan. 18/19/20/21/22 as we are still under an umbrella of Uranic , shocking energy, and moving into Plutonic energy producing death, and drama for many. I hope and I pray this inauguration is peaceful but I'm hoping for the best, and expecting the worst.

To make matters worse, Mercury goes retro grade according to Ancient Astrology on Jan.21 (modern astrology is 1/30/21) with a ton of misinformation, miscommunication, and confusion. Car issues, delays, traffic jams, accidents of all sorts, relating to transportation such as train collisions, mechanical and electronic failure, computer crashes, and lack of communication. This is a time to not start any new project, refrain from travel as much as you can, reflect on what you have, clean up what is already working, and plan ahead for the future. Mercury retro grades are all about taking a time out to reflect on our achievements, our challenges, how we could of done better, and what we did great. Most importantly, it is about self care of your body, mind, and soul.

A Full Moon in Leo on Jan.28,2021 @ 2:16 p.m EST. This full moon is in the brave, and regal sign of Leo. Leo rules joy, children, love, and romance and we may experience challenges in our own lives after the full moon. Sad news with children might make the news, and even your own romantic life will have issues. I will explain in my Full Moon Forecast next week.

As we move into this week, in a world full of uncertainty, and violence by misguided, ill-informed soul's who certainly don't read the stars, or even represent Jesus (love thy neighbor) like they claim, they do. The hypocrisy is astounding, and they create illusions and delusions with conspiracy out of fear or lack of knowledge. Please remember, conspiracy's/deep states are created by men, the stars are heavenly and bring divine truth. However, I always say there are layers of truth to many conspiracy theories, and then some that are complete bullshit. Be safe, have a great week ahead, and stay out of large crowds.

Blessing, Linda

Art work by San Dra

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