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Forecast for Jan.21- 27,2019

Well, we are still buzzing from the Lunar Eclipse energy we had and will be for a few weeks. This week is a little more quite on the celestial front. On Jan.24,2019 Mercury moves into Aquarius, "the genius of the zodiac". Souls born with this placement will be inventors,pilots,involved in NASA,UFO phenomena, New Age endeavors (astrology) and anything pertaining to deep consciousness, intuition and intellect.They are known as the "know it all's" sometimes. They represent universal love.....Check out my Aquarius newsletter

We will move into a Virgo waning moon on Jan. 22 and it is the perfect time to set goals for better health,quitting smoking or other bad habits, and getting a check up would be wise. We will close out the week with a Moon in Libra and people going thru divorce will intensify slightly. It may also be time to rethink some of your relationships at this time.Libra wants balance and harmony so give that to yourself.

Have a great week and check out the deals I have running until 1/31/2019 (they haven't been updated so ignore the 1/1/19 expiration).

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