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Forecast for Jan.27 - Feb.5,2020

This week started out with not only with a Moon in Pisces but Neptune too. Creating a gloomy forecast for some, and for others seeing things thru rose colored glasses instead of what is actually real.Many of us feel like we have been in a fog and have a low level of energy.This should change once the Moon moves into active Aries and bring our energy levels up more.

The weekend will bring a time to get out and do some shopping,have your hair done,massage,facials, new wardrobe are all blessed under this waxing Taurus Moon energy. Taurus also rules finances and banking.This is the perfect time to invest,purchase gold,silver,and crypto currency, and open a new bank account. All of these things will be blessed under these positive stars.

The "Days of Caution" are February 5/6/7. The U.S.A will be in the news. Its all about beginnings and endings for many souls. High emotions, family matters and even tragedies, start and end wars or arguments. Issues with Real Estate,food industry, and many unplanned scenarios for many. The weather tends to turn deadly and more natural disasters are common.

On Monday, February 3,2020 Mercury moves into Pisces for the next eight weeks. This will be a sea of emotion for many. Mercury is communication and Pisces is dreams,escapism and intuition. Our creativity will be on fire and we will be geared more by pure emotions. Our conversations are more kind and loving now. Whether its the rose colored glasses or the dreaminess is this star energy, we will see the kinder ,gentler side of people or we will see the liar of deception as Pisces/Neptune can be both positive and negative in nature.

Souls born this this natal placement of Mercury in Pisces will be intuitive, creative, great teachers,writers with powerful imagination, and tons of artistic talent. Their downfall will be not having enough rational thought and setting a course for action, creating the constant daydreamer. The advanced souls will dwell in the hierarchy realm of higher consciousness, always swimming up stream, to the light.

Magickal Folk: This weekend when the Moon is in Taurus will be the perfect time for spells relating to love,beauty, and financial gains. Friday is Venus Day and those love, beauty ,and sensuality spells will be favorable energy. Healing spells for the ears,nose,throat, and beauty regimens are perfect Taurus energy.

There are many changes coming in the near future for Astrology Witch. We will be launching a Patreaon page and my forecast will no longer be for free but they will be filled with much more information then you are receiving now.I dont give up all the keys to the I will be doing much more spell work,Astrology forecasts, You Tube and blogs on my websites. All of my clients who have invested in me, they will receive the first year free as I always take care of the ones who have put their faith in me. you are appreciated and loved.

Have a great week and Blessings!

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